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Hey there! I haven't been updating here for a while for various reasons, the big one being that my computer had been getting more and more painful to use. It was terribly slow and acting strangely -- I probably could have used a new Windows install, but that wouldn't have helped with the fact that the motherboard and processor were a decade old, and the video card only a year or two newer. It really killed my creativity to only be able to have one program open at a time, and that their processing times meant it could take up to half an hour just to build one package.

However! I rebuilt it completely a little while ago and it works like a dream, and while I've been trying out other games now that they'll actually run and run well (I can finally play Dragon Age ;_;), I haven't abandoned TS2. Far from it -- now that I have a good computer, creating is fun again because the tedious button pushing parts go a lot faster, and I can keep a whole bunch of programs open at once so referencing what I need to tweak is super easy.

I have a whole bunch of goodies I've already made to put up -- a ton of texture replacements for base game clothes, and nice, matching recolors of some base game build items -- and I'm in the process of making a whole bunch more. Immediately in the works are skirt conversions for teens, elders, and M sims, a new 8-skin Maxis matchy skinset, and a trans* bodyshape basic set.

(On that note: repositoried clothes, or no? I could either give the AM clothes textures and repository the other ages, or I could repository them all to the AF clothes. Thoughts?)

I'll also have some TS3 stuff up, but that will happen more sporadically because TS3 meshing and texturing is a giant headache (the in-game recolorability means the creating end is waaay more complicated) and most of the tutorials are bare bones.
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Guess who has a new monitor? :D

Well, new-to-me monitor. It's old enough to be clunky for an LCD and is lower-res than my previous one, but eh, the colors are okay and it's clear enough. Now I can make things and play again!

However, I won't be around as much as before -- besides general busy-ness and fandom juggling, after threeish months away I am reminded of how painful my desk setup is, so I'll have to make every moment here count. Which in practice really means less screwing around with folder setups and reading ALL THE THINGS and more actually doing stuff.

You should take it as a given that any of my previous projects (save androgyny) is probably abandoned, though. I will see what I can resurrect but I know better than to make promises.

I'm sure I've missed a ton (like Christmas in July, sob), so I'll try to catch up at least a little...
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Hey folks -- I didn't mean to go MIA, but between my monitor breaking and me being busy with summer and various other things, I haven't been able to do more than glance at this thing and GoS every once in a while.

Broken monitor means no gaming or creating, sadly, and unfortunately I have no idea when I'll be able to get my hands on a new monitor. :/ I have the netbook I do my work on, but participating isn't much fun when I can't make things or play, you know?

I also kind of fell down the rabbit hole that is Homestuck, oops.

Anyhow, I miss you all, and I hope I'll be back sooner rather than later. <3 I hope you're all doing all right.
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I'm having a hell of a time keeping track of/finding all of the shoes-with-nude(ish)-bottoms out there. So far, I know there are:

- Sentate's 'skinny' jeans with boots (for AM&AF)
- Gelydh's leggings with Converse (for AF)
- Ghanima's skinnies with flats or converse (for AF)
- some FA bits and bobs from TSR with (ech) heels
- Aikea's Nekkid boots
- Yuxi's skinnies with brothel creepers (AM & AF converted by Kayleigh)

and I'm wondering because I would like to make more and/or convert for different ages and trans/genderqueer wear -- but I'd really hate to go to the effort and find out someone already did it.
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Hypothetically speaking, if I were to convert meshes for feminine/genderqueer (and, as [profile] sneebsy pointed out, narrower-of-build) teen-elder men, what kind would you like to see? For that matter, what kinds of styles would you like to see for trans women (I'm picking up that banner because Twisted FATE seems to have vanished)? Hypothetically. >_>

This post inspired by me opening the androgynous meshes I thought my last install of Milkshape had ruined and finding that lo and behold, they still work. NOT having to redo them all has done wonders for my enthusiasm for that project.

By the way, the latest Sims 2 mesh import/export plugins for Milkshape may not ask you about importing additional bone definitions, but they also seem to randomly ruin meshes on import or export! I NEVER had that problem before I updated them and no longer had it happen after I reinstalled Milkshape - and I could export meshes that had turned into exploded messes on me with the ostensibly newer plugins. Stick with the import/export plugins that come with the Milkshape install, trust me.
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My modem went LOL WHAT DSL? on the 24th, so I've been compleeeetely offline from then until early this evening when my guy brought home a replacement. I've managed to skim but have otherwise given up on catching up. Haha, and I thought people weren't posting much what with it being summer. XD

Aaaanyhow, it was also mostly past my heat tolerance level and I was dealing with Annoying Health Issues: Medication Fail Edition, so getting things done = not happening. Instead, I buried myself in the delightful pixellated goodness of 16-bit jRPGs. :D Let's hear it for sprite-based games! (If you're wondering: the end bit of Dragon Quest 5 (Translated), Dragon Quest 6 (translated), the end bit of Earthbound, Mother 3 (translated), and most of Final Fantasy 4. Which is some seriously scary amount of gaming, but made less so by the blessed fast forward function on emulators. I'm ruined for playing on consoles forever thanks to that little function. XD)

So, er, don't hold your breath on mesh replacements, all right? XD I'll get back to them, but right now my focus needs to be on my SS gift, as 80% of my research time got eaten by 'net!fail. >:|
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Even at this late stage in the game it's entertaining to dig through the basegame files and see what I find. For example: while I was extracting meshes to reshape, I stumbled across one I'd never seen before, amtophoodedsweatshirt. It's the hoodie we see paired with jeans and 'board shorts'. It's an acceptable shape and would have been a great addition to the guys' woefully limited seperates selection, it even has material definitions... but no textures. For all it's mapped exactly the same as the top part of the outfits and could have used the top part of the textures, nope, no textures. It's half-finished for no discernable reason. No, instead we got a metric fucktonne of hideous polo shirts.

I'm finishing the hoodie to see if it's good enough quality for today's standards. I know others exist, but the idea of finishing something Maxis halfassed and didn't finish and doing it better than Maxis would have pleases me. >:)

Speaking of the hoodies, it's bizarre how the hoodies+jeans outfit have jeans textures that are actually quite good -- not quite H&M level, but close. Does Maxis use them anywhere else? Nooo, instead we got that noise filtered pseudodenim on all of the other pairs of jeans. It's like they very briefly had some good texturers on staff, then fired them and told the remaining mediocre one to churn out the rest. Okay, that might be a little unfair of me, but the difference in quality -- actual texturing vs. smudgy noise filtered halfassery -- is shocking.

... And just now I found some ribbed sweater textures for the long sleeved crewnext shirt that beat the hell out of noise filtered ones we got. The hell, Maxis?
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Next project is a default replacement one, specifically to adjust the meshes of the male (TM/AM) clothing to be properly fitted and give them better fat morphs. I'm not interested in doing all of the base game clothes, however, because too many of them are simply too ugly to exist. But, if I go with *only* my own tastes, I'll won't do more than a handful of outfits.

So -- which base game guy outfits do you use, or would like to use if only they had better shapes (and possibly textures)?
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Just how obsessive/completionist/stupid of me is it to retexture and recolour in Pooklet's naturals + white all of my favourite facial hair (brows+beards+stubble, about 40 types total)?

I almost feel a little silly, but... for the first time in my non-Maxis match game I'm going to have all of my hair genetics matchy. Matchy textures for each thing, matchy colours... It'll be heavenly.

So, uh... any good eyebrows/facial hair (not Nymphy's, which I've already got and are excellent and now I must MAKE MATCHY) I should know about? Especially odder brows (except the tiny ones, since Ja already got them).While I'm being OBSESSIVELY COMPLETIONIST and all I might as well go really nuts with it. That is, if I don't go throw up my hands in disgust at myself at some point. We shall see!

This is the level of creativity I'm capable of this time of year. Guuuuhsosickofwinter. If you're waiting on me for something, remind me please?

P.S. Thank you to those who gave me 'happy birthday's. :D
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Hard drive successfully installed, backup hard drive successfully left the hell alone, my usual assortment of programs successfully installed. For a wonder, TS2 only took two hours, patches and all.

I very nearly had a heart attack when I did something really stupid (never ever ever try to use a resolution higher than your LCD monitor's native resolution, is all I'm saying), but I managed to sort it, and everything is going smoothly so far. I have yet to actually try the game, but that's next on my to-do list. Stupid hard drive, making clicks of doom just as I'd started to get back into playing. >:[

Tonight I get to rest as the combination of computer fuckery + running all around downtown Helsinki yesterday wore me out. Tomorrow, projects! And since I actually want to do STUFF for this month's theme as well as other things I have in the works... a listy.

-- Finish SS gift!!!

  • Base game Manternity. I can understand why EAxis made the outfits so ugly--I imagine most guys infested with alien spawn would be hiding out in the house and wearing comfy, baggy clothes in a desperate attempt to disguise their rapidly growing bellies--but, well, some of us like our games to have Style. So. It is this Club Crimsyn mesh that I have already added morphs to, with cheerier recolours. I'm thinking of unlocking them too so sims can wear them even when they aren't pregnant.

  • Base game AM untucked shirt with pants outfit. This was like the only base game AM mesh I even liked, back in the day, even though it fits like a sack. New textures and handsoming up the general shape is necessary. I know Fanseelamb already did a version, but I don't like RabidAngel's mesh. :| No popped collars pls.

  • Make fitted every male mesh I don't hate. This is a maybe because DEAR GOD there are a lot of them even when I ignore the meshes I DO hate. I'm also reeeally tempted to alter the fat morphs to look chubby, not bowling-ball-smuggler, but... I realize it'll be awfully weird to have mixed types of fat morphs. Dunno, I have to think on this. At the very least I can do two versions, since I have to fix the normal morph anyway.

  • I know I had another one, but I can't for the life of me remember it. [Edit] Oh, right. Kilts.

-- Finish the Food of the Gods skintones
-- Make a 'normal sim' skintone set from the same base blend
-- Make at least an alien set of same
-- Make that female bodyhair overlay already

Aaand I think that's enough as I have a holiday card design to get done as of a week ago (eep) and a whoooole bunch of holiday crocheting and then a little time to catch my breath before I have to plan my summer Month Long Trip of Doom.
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Bad: The primary harddrive on your otherwise healthy Frankensteinian monster of a komputarbox starts making scratchscratch-click sounds.

Worse: Despite your efforts to make Windows STOP BLOODY USING THE BAD SECTORS, the problem still pops up again every few months and is worse every time it pops up again, invariably when you forgot to defrag for too long.

Relief: Your partner being willing to buy and let you have your holiday gift early, in the form of a shiny new hard drive.

So, tomorrow or Wednesday I'll be spending the ENTIRE AFTERNOON AND EVENING installing Windows, and all my programs, including the three hour runaround that is re-installing Sims 2 and all of its crap.

Fortunately, all of my CC and projects are on my healthy secondary hard drive (without which I would have to have a bare minimum of everything because it's only 30GB*; Frankensteinian monsters take what parts they can get, yanno?), but just in case I'm upped the working files for my Secret Santa project on Mediafire.

I'm not freaked out since I used to fix these bastards for a living and I know just what's going on, but there's a definite sense of "Oh gooood I do NOT need this right now." I'd really be up shit creek if I my partner wasn't the best partner. <3

* It still boggles me that 30GB, which was decently roomy 5 years ago, is now not very much--especially considering that I can go out and buy a 1 terabyte hard drive for 90 euros.

The first time I saw 1TB worth of storage was in late 2000. It was an array of hard drives in a hip-high rack, and the pricetag was thirteen thousand dollars.
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So the stuff packs won't install. Apparently something I did at some point in the past--like, oh, having all the expansions--is making their stupid updater choke.


I can try one more thing--reinstall BV, which magically uninstalled itself at some point but I've not bothered to reinstall--and then my options... well, suck. I can install the base game on my clunky old laptop and install the stuff packs and SimPE and rip it all from there--or I can uninstall everything on here (yes I have backed up) and do the Dance of 1000 Disks and reinstall on here. Possibly minus Uni, NL, and BV--no, wait, gotta have BV for beach lots. ASS.

OR I COULD JUST REINSTALL ALL OF WINDOWS WHILE I'M AT IT. *headdesk* Not that it doesn't kinda need it because I'm sick of dealing with Finnish Windows... no no no that way lies madness!

I really only wanted these packs to rip clothes and hair and a few objects out. Muuuuh.

[Edit] BV won't even reinstall. I am defeated. The only bright side to this is I have ALL of my disks in one CD folder.

[Son of Edit] Everything is reinstalled. It took threeish hours to do it, but in the process I did a load of laundry, tidied and took out the recycling, and cleaned off my partner's desk... which was easily the worst part. He bought me a pizza for my efforts. X)


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