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The bodyshape is all finished, complete with five skintones (the Penny Wise set), new meshes for teens through elders, and outfits for all categories! Download it here at the Garden of Shadows Advent gift thread.
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I posted this on GoS, but I am needing feedback enough that I'm putting it here, too.

I wasn't happy with Gothplague's androgyny mesh because the torso is so pinched the ribs and breastbone look collapsed, and all the skins I saw were way too defined in the chest to make sense with the actual shape. I took matters into my own hands and rebuilt it, making sure to give different parts of the torso different scaling so the ribs didn't end up crushed looking, and gave it sliiightly different proportions so it looks actually androgynous and not just, well, smushed together and literally as flat as a board. Then I made a matching mesh for men (and teens)!

The skin is a test blend from the base of my Penny skins -- male fat textures are perfect for the chest area. I tweaked the mapping on the male version so that both sexes can use the same texture.

They use the same bottoms as the default morph (meaning a billion times less work and more options), whiiich means the dudes kind of get the short end of the stick if they're fat, but what can you do. It's better than the default fat morph, though, being as it's based on my replacement male fat morph.

[ETA: The fem androgyny shape is also from transmen, which I for some stupid reason forgot to mention. A lot of the clothes I'll make for the shape will be geared toward the masculine to reflect that.]

I also put together a transwoman bodyshape, seeing as TwistedFATE has sadly vanished. :( Her mesh was a bit kludgy, so I started from scratch:

... but I'm not sure about the fat morph. See, I wanted to have this bodyshape also able to use the same bottom meshes, since I'll be making skirts and such for the genderbending male sims anyhow, but the fat morph always throws a wrench in the works. I mean, it's far from horrible or unreasonable, but the fat distribution is wrong for a transwoman taking estrogen.

Sooo I have three options: go with this fat morph, make a totally different one and only make full body meshes for the transwoman shape (because I am not interested in making a bunch of bottom meshes only one shape can use), or make a different fat morph and then see if the weird kludge I have in mind (the fat morph of the top would force the bottoms to stay at the normal morph) would actually work without breaking something horribly.

Also: I'm unsure as to what to do for the elder state on this one. With the androgyny meshes I'll simply use the adult state; I suppose it depends on what I'll do for the fat morph on this one...


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