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Even at this late stage in the game it's entertaining to dig through the basegame files and see what I find. For example: while I was extracting meshes to reshape, I stumbled across one I'd never seen before, amtophoodedsweatshirt. It's the hoodie we see paired with jeans and 'board shorts'. It's an acceptable shape and would have been a great addition to the guys' woefully limited seperates selection, it even has material definitions... but no textures. For all it's mapped exactly the same as the top part of the outfits and could have used the top part of the textures, nope, no textures. It's half-finished for no discernable reason. No, instead we got a metric fucktonne of hideous polo shirts.

I'm finishing the hoodie to see if it's good enough quality for today's standards. I know others exist, but the idea of finishing something Maxis halfassed and didn't finish and doing it better than Maxis would have pleases me. >:)

Speaking of the hoodies, it's bizarre how the hoodies+jeans outfit have jeans textures that are actually quite good -- not quite H&M level, but close. Does Maxis use them anywhere else? Nooo, instead we got that noise filtered pseudodenim on all of the other pairs of jeans. It's like they very briefly had some good texturers on staff, then fired them and told the remaining mediocre one to churn out the rest. Okay, that might be a little unfair of me, but the difference in quality -- actual texturing vs. smudgy noise filtered halfassery -- is shocking.

... And just now I found some ribbed sweater textures for the long sleeved crewnext shirt that beat the hell out of noise filtered ones we got. The hell, Maxis?


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