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I have discovered something inexplicable and really irritating: Many of Melodie9's conversion meshes have an extra group called 'face' that's, well, a face. It does nothing and doesn't show up, but it adds 736 polygons nonetheless. I deleted it in a few meshes and tested and they showed up just fine, so I repeat: WTF?

I'm not even going to get into the unholy mess that is most Store hairstyles.

Expect mesh fixes to be forthcoming. >:[ This stuff really chaps my ass.
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I really like the two tile Art Deco window that comes with M&G, so I thought that for this month's GoS theme I'd put together a little expansion set to make the window actually useful (nevermind that I've never made windows before, or even any objects), and maybe some recolours to give it a little variety.

Look at it! It's so pretty.

So I spent some time twiddling with the mesh and making a new one, until I realized that something was... horribly wrong.

This is just a small sample of EAxis's FAIL with this mesh. There is bleedthrough all over the place. The mesh itself is kind of sloppily made, too--rather than having edges connect up, there are lots of places where there are two sides facing each other.

I'm a total n00b when it comes to objects, especially doors and windows, but I *suspect* that the weird bleedthrough problem in game is due to some genius making the glass a part of the frame mesh, and if that's the case and it needs another group, I don't know if there's any way to fix it (do enlighten me if you know I'm wrong). Horray! I mean, boo!

I can't exactly leave it like that though. So... I'm going to remake the mofo. >:/ And remake it PROPERLY. And slave the new meshes to that, not the FAIL that is the EAxis original. Lazy asses.
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Bad: The primary harddrive on your otherwise healthy Frankensteinian monster of a komputarbox starts making scratchscratch-click sounds.

Worse: Despite your efforts to make Windows STOP BLOODY USING THE BAD SECTORS, the problem still pops up again every few months and is worse every time it pops up again, invariably when you forgot to defrag for too long.

Relief: Your partner being willing to buy and let you have your holiday gift early, in the form of a shiny new hard drive.

So, tomorrow or Wednesday I'll be spending the ENTIRE AFTERNOON AND EVENING installing Windows, and all my programs, including the three hour runaround that is re-installing Sims 2 and all of its crap.

Fortunately, all of my CC and projects are on my healthy secondary hard drive (without which I would have to have a bare minimum of everything because it's only 30GB*; Frankensteinian monsters take what parts they can get, yanno?), but just in case I'm upped the working files for my Secret Santa project on Mediafire.

I'm not freaked out since I used to fix these bastards for a living and I know just what's going on, but there's a definite sense of "Oh gooood I do NOT need this right now." I'd really be up shit creek if I my partner wasn't the best partner. <3

* It still boggles me that 30GB, which was decently roomy 5 years ago, is now not very much--especially considering that I can go out and buy a 1 terabyte hard drive for 90 euros.

The first time I saw 1TB worth of storage was in late 2000. It was an array of hard drives in a hip-high rack, and the pricetag was thirteen thousand dollars.


Oct. 11th, 2009 12:31 am
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While trying to calm down from some mind-frying RL stuff, I did the relaxing exercise (HAAAAhahahaha) of looking at some high-poly hair meshes to find out just what made them need so very many polygons.

THIS. THIS IS WHY THEY'RE HIGH POLY. Some lame-o loserface needed SIX LAYERS of highly detailed polygon strips to make that stupid loop of hair. That loop of hair could have been made to look good with TWO LAYERS (inside and outside) cleverly curved to give the illusion of thickness. Or one solid shape! One layer! ONE!

Nevermind the ~perfectly curved~ hair elastic or six layers for freaking WISPIES.

THIS IS WHY I CAN'T HAVE NICE THINGS. TOO MANY HAIR MESHERS ARE LAZY. LAZY LAZY LAZY PANTS. (Or maybe just stupid because, dude, it'd be EASIER to do it with fewer parts. WTF x infinity!)

Why yes, I do think I could do better, thankyouverymuch. It'd take time and a lot of swearing (especially because it'd be easier to make these from scratch than it would to fix the mesh), but I can actually visualize (and draw) what it would take to accomplish much the same effect without SO MANY GODSBEDAMNED LAYERS.

The hardest part would be getting the recolour package to work. :P
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So earlier tonight I was putitng my downloads folder back together (because it's been half-dismantled for months now) and thought, hm, I should throw together those default eyeshadows I've been meaning to do.

Cue epic journey into the depths of my hard drive, rebuilding the package three times because I can't decide what I want, deciding I need to do eyeliner and costume makeup too, dithering endlessly about what to use for those, and fussing about the face templates I have in while I was at it--


No wonder I never play. BAH.
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Whoever made the UV maps for Maxis hair is a SADISTIC BASTARD:

Which is exactly as much fun to try to retexture as it looks like.

UV map or no UV map, I could NOT get anything to align on the damned thing to save my life. I could have used VETTY's textures... which were crunchy...

Unacceptable. I butchered the mesh to my liking, instead.


I'd meant to have both sides of the hair have different bits of the map, but I messed up and joined everything up before I remembered. OOPS. Don't care.

So I did my age converting and decided to gender convert too because the mapping on this is far superiour to the original, right? And I decided to make it all nicely shaped by aligning it to the original NL mesh. Unbeknownst to me, this also gave it the NL mesh's animation.

Great, right?

The teen version has that lovely bouncy-bounce animation of the NL hair. But...


What. What. What the hell. I resized the teen mesh from this one WHY DOESN'T IT WOOOOORK.

I just. *tears hair out* Screw it. I'm going out for coffee.


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