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I'M SO CLOSE, YOU GUYS. I've done all but ten of the non-hat styles, and of those ten I'm going to hide all but two*, maybe four. I have a couple more meshes to tweak (including some age conversions that fit oddly or have normals issues), a few alphas to fix, and then I can upload the lot. :D (I will do the hats, just in a separate batch).

In order, from left to right, top to bottom:long (Bella Goth's hair) with Nymphy's curls, pagepunk (with a mesh edit), barrette with Nouk's waves, rosettes with Nouk's afro texture, shorttuckin, and acorntuck (with a mesh edit).


* Still to be done: crewcut, formal (a CF only updo with a ribbon)

May be done if I'm feeling patient: pompadore, ricebowl

Not going to happen because they are substandard and ugly: feather, mediumcenterpart (it's just a crappier version of acorntuck), ponytailhigh, flypigtails, frontalwave, round (the deflated soccerball Maxis tried to pass off as an afro).
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I have 35 (!!) of the basegame hairstyles retextured (many thanks go to Hat for the retextures of hers I could borrow). After a lot of fussing, snarling, and not touching the project for days at a time, I've decided on a few things:

1. I'll use the colors Ja chose for her default replacements for mine. They really aren't the colors I prefer, but just the thought of doing all of those other styles is a deeply unhappy one, as is making default packages twice over. I can live with non-optimal-for-me shades.
2. I'm doing defaults instead of nice sets of recolors because I really, really, really hate the Bodyshop project dance. I did two styles and... no.
3. Instead I'll offer a base volatile texture (bmp+alpha bmp, or png?) of every hair that anyone is likely to want, like the curly/wavy retextures. I'll keep base textures of the others kicking around too just in case someone decides they really, REALLY want the combover in bright orange.
4. I'm offering each style in individual packages. I'm not grouping them together because I find that really annoying, and if you have something replaced that you like you wouldn't want mine coming in and bungling things up, now would you? You might also think that I have WAY TOO MANY WAVY TEXTURES (there are never too many) and not want them all. It also allows me to release them faster, since if anyone else is like me, there are a few basegame styles you use even when you hide most everything else.
5. I'm also not doing all of the hairstyles. There are a few I absolutely and utterly loathe and never use -- the flypigtails (Cassandra Goth's hair), the high ponytail, and the mullet I can say for sure won't make it in. Some of the hats also might not make it in unless I can texture the hair under them to actually look like another game hair (hip hat, I am looking at you).
6. Other hairstyles may not make it in because of Maxis failmapping. Some things I can correct for acceptably, others... (bowltwist and frenchbraid, argh)
7. I'll also include a few mesh tweaks and fixed age conversion meshes.

I may redo some of the styles Ja already tackled (like the liberty spikes, which I realphaed so they look good without those fucking stupid bangs), which is kind of unfortunate given how she bundled hers in all-in-one packages, so I'll have to cut them apart and offer them individually for people who don't have SimPE to tweak things themselves and who might not want everything I redo in an EP set.

Also, I have plans for a couple of gender conversions -- closecrop for women (has anyone done that yet?) because the ladies need a nice short afro, and the shaved underneath ponytail for women.

A mighty list of the finished retextures )
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Needing to fix age conversions + thinking gee, I would really like that style if the textures didn't suck + avoiding something I should be doing but don't wanna = a lot of hair retextures. Praise be to Nouk for providing all of the textures I used.

I showed off my retexture of the Uni AF messed up hair at GoS last night. Then, inspiration:

I still don't entirely like the mesh but it looks more like a hairstyle someone might actually have and not a disastrous combo of mania + dull scissors.

+4 more )
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A couple more sets of skins I've been poking at:

Pretty Penny -- the first two fulfill my lack of very pink/reddish caucasian skins, and then shade into the sienna/coppery range.

Penny Candy -- rose-gold skins from very pale to mid-range, because rose-gold shades are delicious, like candy.

Not sure how many more Pennies sets I'm going to care to make. I want to have at least a freckled set (Pennies From Heaven because the cutesy name for freckles is angel kisses (and yes, it makes me want to gag, but I can't resist the allusion)), a creepy-but-not-dessicated zombie (Bad Penny), and octopus aliens (The Penny Drops -- from space! Hahaha).

I'll be androgynizing as many of these as I can stand to, but probably starting with the Food of the Gods skins and working from there.
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I posted this on GoS, but I am needing feedback enough that I'm putting it here, too.

I wasn't happy with Gothplague's androgyny mesh because the torso is so pinched the ribs and breastbone look collapsed, and all the skins I saw were way too defined in the chest to make sense with the actual shape. I took matters into my own hands and rebuilt it, making sure to give different parts of the torso different scaling so the ribs didn't end up crushed looking, and gave it sliiightly different proportions so it looks actually androgynous and not just, well, smushed together and literally as flat as a board. Then I made a matching mesh for men (and teens)!

The skin is a test blend from the base of my Penny skins -- male fat textures are perfect for the chest area. I tweaked the mapping on the male version so that both sexes can use the same texture.

They use the same bottoms as the default morph (meaning a billion times less work and more options), whiiich means the dudes kind of get the short end of the stick if they're fat, but what can you do. It's better than the default fat morph, though, being as it's based on my replacement male fat morph.

[ETA: The fem androgyny shape is also from transmen, which I for some stupid reason forgot to mention. A lot of the clothes I'll make for the shape will be geared toward the masculine to reflect that.]

I also put together a transwoman bodyshape, seeing as TwistedFATE has sadly vanished. :( Her mesh was a bit kludgy, so I started from scratch:

... but I'm not sure about the fat morph. See, I wanted to have this bodyshape also able to use the same bottom meshes, since I'll be making skirts and such for the genderbending male sims anyhow, but the fat morph always throws a wrench in the works. I mean, it's far from horrible or unreasonable, but the fat distribution is wrong for a transwoman taking estrogen.

Sooo I have three options: go with this fat morph, make a totally different one and only make full body meshes for the transwoman shape (because I am not interested in making a bunch of bottom meshes only one shape can use), or make a different fat morph and then see if the weird kludge I have in mind (the fat morph of the top would force the bottoms to stay at the normal morph) would actually work without breaking something horribly.

Also: I'm unsure as to what to do for the elder state on this one. With the androgyny meshes I'll simply use the adult state; I suppose it depends on what I'll do for the fat morph on this one...
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How badly would it annoy people if I overhauled the female androgyny shape? Besides giving it wider waists, I mean, because I have SERIOUS issues with how narrow the chest is and how sunken it looks. It's narrower and more sunken in than I think the actual ribcage would even allow, and it looks pinched and weird compared to the male version.

Not that it's stopping anyone from using the original, but a blockfoot replacement would have those adjustments, and any clothes I make would be the same. I dunno. I don't want to cause other people headaches, but the shape as-is really, really bothers me as Not Quite Right.
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It could be worse. It's not unrealistic, as such. I used my (still WIP) improved male fat morph as a guide so it wasn't nearly so... so. You know what I mean. But this is just not doing it for me as a fat morph for a very slender, lightly built man; it's not believably 'eats a lot and is a couch potato' for someone of that shape, it's 'been bedridden for months' and/or 'is on medication that causes weight gain'.

So, I have a workaround in mind, although it's very, very kludgy and involves deliberately mis-commenting the fat morph on tops to override the bottom morph. See, if you miscomment a morph--like, commenting a top 'botmorphs fatbot'--then that morph will change when the body state changes, but the comment will override the morph on the bottom.

Theoretically, anyhow. That's how it worked for HP's shirt mesh and the pregmorph. I'm hoping it will apply consistently so I can use that to force the regular morph bottoms when male androgyny tops get fat, so they can have appropriate couch potato pudge. Otherwise, the option is to make completely new bottoms, and I'm looking forward to that about as much as I would to a root canal. :|

ETA: I'm having One of Those Days where I can't stop nitpicking my work to death, thus rendering my opinions suspect, so here are some comparison pictures. )
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A quick workup for a male companion mesh to the female androgyny bodyshape:

The bottom is unchanged so that the bodyshape can wear the same bottoms as the regular Maxis bodyshape, at least for now--the fat morph is going to cause me headaches, I just know it. At any rate, I narrowed the waist and chest and brought in the back and replace the arms and shoulders (but not the hands) with the female version. I also 'filled in' the pecs. The effect I'm trying for is slender and more wiry than muscular.

Also, how about that skin, eh? I've found that using the pecs from the male fat texture gives a better effect on androgynous chests than the regular texture.

The eventual goal here is to have a complete bodyshape with skins that will also work for the analogous female shape and linked to both. It means that, if I am able to stick with the male bottom, the knees will look funny in bottom-only shorts, but c'est la vie.

I'll do a teen version also, of course. Someone else will need to do sexyfeet.

I'm also going to tweak the female version to be closer in shape to this (mostly, non-chisled pecs and a thicker waist) and make a Maxis feet version.
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Since I have Very Particular Needs when it comes to average sims' skintones and a great want to take advantage of some of the very many pretty colours of skins Enayla's Pixie series comes in, I started another blend on my new bases.

... Ten skins later I came up for air...

Behold! The start of the Pennies series, named for both the coppery reddish colours of the first tones I made and from the saying in the subject line, because if a thing is worth doing it's worth OVERdoing. Or something.

Anyhow. These are WIP for a reason--Penny Wise (top row) is about ready now that I've toned down the blushed cheeks, but Penny For Your Thoughts (bottom row) needs a bit of deblushing as well as some adjustments of the noses of the paler tones--the noses are meant to be rounded and buttonish, but there's still a hint of the same definition as in the Penny Wise skins, and that is not going to fly.

There will be additional sets, oh yes. How many depends on my stamina and just how crazy I get with the penny idioms. Ahaha. There will AT LEAST be a Pennies From Heaven pack -- because really, how could I do without matching supernaturals?
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I'm getting there, slowly but surely. I've made all of the textures; Manna still needs tweaking, as might Ambrosia and Nectar. I'm still not sure exactly how good Soma will look--a lot of the colour comes from Pixie Endless, which is kind of a strange colour anyway, and the pinkness of it might look really weird in game.

I'm also unsure of how to geneticize them. I made these with elves and faeries in mind, but I'm also going to do a series of 6-8 matte normal human skins and it might be a little weird to have these pop up randomly in the mix.

At any rate, I need to find out in general how people like their skins geneticized because I'm unhappy with how I've been doing it.
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I really like the two tile Art Deco window that comes with M&G, so I thought that for this month's GoS theme I'd put together a little expansion set to make the window actually useful (nevermind that I've never made windows before, or even any objects), and maybe some recolours to give it a little variety.

Look at it! It's so pretty.

So I spent some time twiddling with the mesh and making a new one, until I realized that something was... horribly wrong.

This is just a small sample of EAxis's FAIL with this mesh. There is bleedthrough all over the place. The mesh itself is kind of sloppily made, too--rather than having edges connect up, there are lots of places where there are two sides facing each other.

I'm a total n00b when it comes to objects, especially doors and windows, but I *suspect* that the weird bleedthrough problem in game is due to some genius making the glass a part of the frame mesh, and if that's the case and it needs another group, I don't know if there's any way to fix it (do enlighten me if you know I'm wrong). Horray! I mean, boo!

I can't exactly leave it like that though. So... I'm going to remake the mofo. >:/ And remake it PROPERLY. And slave the new meshes to that, not the FAIL that is the EAxis original. Lazy asses.
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Apparently I can NEVER BE SATISFIED, because whenever I give myself five seconds to think about it I'm horribly dissatisfied with my semi-realistic skins. Not a problem when I'm deep in Maxis Match land, but the moment I think about putting my semi-realism folder back together, BANG. Fussy and picky.

Add to this that I've also wanted to make blends of some of Enayla's last skins (Warmth, Teak, Oak, and Ebony) pretty much since they came out--well, it was inevitable I'd spend some evenings ignoring everything else I should be working on in favour of satisfying my skin lust.

To the left is my base blend--Rensim's Peau overlaid with Teru K's Simple Soft, Game, and Spicy skins and my Leh blend to smooth and matte things down a little. (Bodies use the same blend.) To the right is the same then blended with Enayla's Warmth.

Yummy, isn't it? :D It's called Gold Apple. (Why yes, I do have a thing for food.)

This time around I decided to make my life simpler again and use the same faces for teen-elder and the same bodies. Fit and normal use the same texture because saving effort is worth sacrificing defined abs for. Elders use one texture each, the adult fat texture for guys and a edited-for-the-mesh female fat texture for the women--they're old, they've earned a bit of pudge. The kidlets have different teeth for each age and slightly edited bodies to make them look a little rounder/pudgier too, since chubby kids are cute. :D

Sooo I'll probably be making six tones (one for each of those Enayla tones, plus a lighter and possibly an in between shade) which I may or may not default since they're supposed to be for elves and other such supernaturalish creatures. We shall see! I'll probably make a more matte set for general sim use. With some supernaturals. Because I like overextending myself, obviously.


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