Oct. 11th, 2009 12:31 am
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While trying to calm down from some mind-frying RL stuff, I did the relaxing exercise (HAAAAhahahaha) of looking at some high-poly hair meshes to find out just what made them need so very many polygons.

THIS. THIS IS WHY THEY'RE HIGH POLY. Some lame-o loserface needed SIX LAYERS of highly detailed polygon strips to make that stupid loop of hair. That loop of hair could have been made to look good with TWO LAYERS (inside and outside) cleverly curved to give the illusion of thickness. Or one solid shape! One layer! ONE!

Nevermind the ~perfectly curved~ hair elastic or six layers for freaking WISPIES.

THIS IS WHY I CAN'T HAVE NICE THINGS. TOO MANY HAIR MESHERS ARE LAZY. LAZY LAZY LAZY PANTS. (Or maybe just stupid because, dude, it'd be EASIER to do it with fewer parts. WTF x infinity!)

Why yes, I do think I could do better, thankyouverymuch. It'd take time and a lot of swearing (especially because it'd be easier to make these from scratch than it would to fix the mesh), but I can actually visualize (and draw) what it would take to accomplish much the same effect without SO MANY GODSBEDAMNED LAYERS.

The hardest part would be getting the recolour package to work. :P
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THAT. See that? That's ANIMATED.

:D :D :D

What's even better is that it's working for Child through Elder, male and female. Tomorrow: Making more recolours.

Things I Have Learned with this project:

1. ALWAYS import first a mesh of the proper age and the same number of groups as the mesh you want to convert, and ALWAYS use a mesh with the groups numbered exactly the same as the mesh you want to convert. Otherwise, the animation-if-any goes kerblooey.
2. ALWAYS check the UV map before you get too far in. Chop-and-adjust is often better than trying to texture crazy damn mapping.
3. Starting with quick, rough adjustments to the mesh and then making fiddly adjustments is faster and easier than starting with fiddly adjustments.
4. Always check your bone assignments.
5. If you can't get fancy animation, go for smooth. It's not too hard... even having to go through bloody Extended Manual Edit because the Bone tool crashes Milkshape if you try to use it more than once in a session. *grumble*
6. Always make incremental saves, even with exports of the changed mesh.
7. When it doubt, rebuild packages from scratch.
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Whoever made the UV maps for Maxis hair is a SADISTIC BASTARD:

Which is exactly as much fun to try to retexture as it looks like.

UV map or no UV map, I could NOT get anything to align on the damned thing to save my life. I could have used VETTY's textures... which were crunchy...

Unacceptable. I butchered the mesh to my liking, instead.


I'd meant to have both sides of the hair have different bits of the map, but I messed up and joined everything up before I remembered. OOPS. Don't care.

So I did my age converting and decided to gender convert too because the mapping on this is far superiour to the original, right? And I decided to make it all nicely shaped by aligning it to the original NL mesh. Unbeknownst to me, this also gave it the NL mesh's animation.

Great, right?

The teen version has that lovely bouncy-bounce animation of the NL hair. But...


What. What. What the hell. I resized the teen mesh from this one WHY DOESN'T IT WOOOOORK.

I just. *tears hair out* Screw it. I'm going out for coffee.
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My most recent project is this:

It's the female Vampire hair from NL, which I'm converting to AM and TM sans stupid diamond thing. I know there are like fifty billion FtM mesh conversions of long hair out there, but they're all frilly poofy ridiculously high poly things. The only thing I've seen that's even close to this is a MYoS mesh that clips pretty badly with anything but the most femmy-femme of faces.

Except it isn't really the Vampire mesh, as poking at the actual Maxis mesh gave me all sorts of warnings about unweighted bones despite nothing appearing when I told Milkshape to select unweighted bones, and of course that meant Weird Things happened in bodyshop (namely, a bulge at the back of the head that looked like an alien growth).

So rather than reinvent the wheel just to prove that I could, I grabbed VETTY's hair mesh and converted from that.

From there followed a few days of misadventure, like finding out that on my computer the Unimesh bone tool crashes Milkshape regardless of my updated drivers, and getting almost done with the mesh--only to realize I had one of the two alpha layers unselected the entire time and now it was completely misaligned. I managed to do that twice! (Can you tell I'm new at hair meshing?)

BUT. I learned how to do it and how to make the animation smooth (even though I have to do it via endless copypasta in Extended Manual Edit. Sob). And lookit that. That's the teen mesh, almost done. \o/

I'll probably also tweak the original VETTY meshes for UV mapping and animation, as I'm pretty sure they're still kind of crunchy. It won't be fancy animation, just making sure the hair doesn't develop sharp corners when the sim looks around, but.

Then I'll have to make new textures to fit the new UV mapping, which will probably make me want to cry. :D At least it's an excuse to make pretty Neena-fied textures for them, right?



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