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Hard drive successfully installed, backup hard drive successfully left the hell alone, my usual assortment of programs successfully installed. For a wonder, TS2 only took two hours, patches and all.

I very nearly had a heart attack when I did something really stupid (never ever ever try to use a resolution higher than your LCD monitor's native resolution, is all I'm saying), but I managed to sort it, and everything is going smoothly so far. I have yet to actually try the game, but that's next on my to-do list. Stupid hard drive, making clicks of doom just as I'd started to get back into playing. >:[

Tonight I get to rest as the combination of computer fuckery + running all around downtown Helsinki yesterday wore me out. Tomorrow, projects! And since I actually want to do STUFF for this month's theme as well as other things I have in the works... a listy.

-- Finish SS gift!!!

  • Base game Manternity. I can understand why EAxis made the outfits so ugly--I imagine most guys infested with alien spawn would be hiding out in the house and wearing comfy, baggy clothes in a desperate attempt to disguise their rapidly growing bellies--but, well, some of us like our games to have Style. So. It is this Club Crimsyn mesh that I have already added morphs to, with cheerier recolours. I'm thinking of unlocking them too so sims can wear them even when they aren't pregnant.

  • Base game AM untucked shirt with pants outfit. This was like the only base game AM mesh I even liked, back in the day, even though it fits like a sack. New textures and handsoming up the general shape is necessary. I know Fanseelamb already did a version, but I don't like RabidAngel's mesh. :| No popped collars pls.

  • Make fitted every male mesh I don't hate. This is a maybe because DEAR GOD there are a lot of them even when I ignore the meshes I DO hate. I'm also reeeally tempted to alter the fat morphs to look chubby, not bowling-ball-smuggler, but... I realize it'll be awfully weird to have mixed types of fat morphs. Dunno, I have to think on this. At the very least I can do two versions, since I have to fix the normal morph anyway.

  • I know I had another one, but I can't for the life of me remember it. [Edit] Oh, right. Kilts.

-- Finish the Food of the Gods skintones
-- Make a 'normal sim' skintone set from the same base blend
-- Make at least an alien set of same
-- Make that female bodyhair overlay already

Aaand I think that's enough as I have a holiday card design to get done as of a week ago (eep) and a whoooole bunch of holiday crocheting and then a little time to catch my breath before I have to plan my summer Month Long Trip of Doom.
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