Sep. 27th, 2009

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In which I unload upon this journal everything useful I've accumulated but not really warranting a thread or post of its own.


Maxis match eyebrows - default and custom. )

Default Replacement Eyeshadows. )

Sentate tops for teens. )

And finally two things I couldn't be bothered to make previews for--

Club Crimsyn costume makeup made into default replacement costume makeup )

Delicious Skintone match Louis Elf Ears )

Now to dig through the stuff packs I arrrquired for meshes to chop to bits.
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So the stuff packs won't install. Apparently something I did at some point in the past--like, oh, having all the expansions--is making their stupid updater choke.


I can try one more thing--reinstall BV, which magically uninstalled itself at some point but I've not bothered to reinstall--and then my options... well, suck. I can install the base game on my clunky old laptop and install the stuff packs and SimPE and rip it all from there--or I can uninstall everything on here (yes I have backed up) and do the Dance of 1000 Disks and reinstall on here. Possibly minus Uni, NL, and BV--no, wait, gotta have BV for beach lots. ASS.

OR I COULD JUST REINSTALL ALL OF WINDOWS WHILE I'M AT IT. *headdesk* Not that it doesn't kinda need it because I'm sick of dealing with Finnish Windows... no no no that way lies madness!

I really only wanted these packs to rip clothes and hair and a few objects out. Muuuuh.

[Edit] BV won't even reinstall. I am defeated. The only bright side to this is I have ALL of my disks in one CD folder.

[Son of Edit] Everything is reinstalled. It took threeish hours to do it, but in the process I did a load of laundry, tidied and took out the recycling, and cleaned off my partner's desk... which was easily the worst part. He bought me a pizza for my efforts. X)


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