Dec. 1st, 2009

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Bad: The primary harddrive on your otherwise healthy Frankensteinian monster of a komputarbox starts making scratchscratch-click sounds.

Worse: Despite your efforts to make Windows STOP BLOODY USING THE BAD SECTORS, the problem still pops up again every few months and is worse every time it pops up again, invariably when you forgot to defrag for too long.

Relief: Your partner being willing to buy and let you have your holiday gift early, in the form of a shiny new hard drive.

So, tomorrow or Wednesday I'll be spending the ENTIRE AFTERNOON AND EVENING installing Windows, and all my programs, including the three hour runaround that is re-installing Sims 2 and all of its crap.

Fortunately, all of my CC and projects are on my healthy secondary hard drive (without which I would have to have a bare minimum of everything because it's only 30GB*; Frankensteinian monsters take what parts they can get, yanno?), but just in case I'm upped the working files for my Secret Santa project on Mediafire.

I'm not freaked out since I used to fix these bastards for a living and I know just what's going on, but there's a definite sense of "Oh gooood I do NOT need this right now." I'd really be up shit creek if I my partner wasn't the best partner. <3

* It still boggles me that 30GB, which was decently roomy 5 years ago, is now not very much--especially considering that I can go out and buy a 1 terabyte hard drive for 90 euros.

The first time I saw 1TB worth of storage was in late 2000. It was an array of hard drives in a hip-high rack, and the pricetag was thirteen thousand dollars.


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