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I have 35 (!!) of the basegame hairstyles retextured (many thanks go to Hat for the retextures of hers I could borrow). After a lot of fussing, snarling, and not touching the project for days at a time, I've decided on a few things:

1. I'll use the colors Ja chose for her default replacements for mine. They really aren't the colors I prefer, but just the thought of doing all of those other styles is a deeply unhappy one, as is making default packages twice over. I can live with non-optimal-for-me shades.
2. I'm doing defaults instead of nice sets of recolors because I really, really, really hate the Bodyshop project dance. I did two styles and... no.
3. Instead I'll offer a base volatile texture (bmp+alpha bmp, or png?) of every hair that anyone is likely to want, like the curly/wavy retextures. I'll keep base textures of the others kicking around too just in case someone decides they really, REALLY want the combover in bright orange.
4. I'm offering each style in individual packages. I'm not grouping them together because I find that really annoying, and if you have something replaced that you like you wouldn't want mine coming in and bungling things up, now would you? You might also think that I have WAY TOO MANY WAVY TEXTURES (there are never too many) and not want them all. It also allows me to release them faster, since if anyone else is like me, there are a few basegame styles you use even when you hide most everything else.
5. I'm also not doing all of the hairstyles. There are a few I absolutely and utterly loathe and never use -- the flypigtails (Cassandra Goth's hair), the high ponytail, and the mullet I can say for sure won't make it in. Some of the hats also might not make it in unless I can texture the hair under them to actually look like another game hair (hip hat, I am looking at you).
6. Other hairstyles may not make it in because of Maxis failmapping. Some things I can correct for acceptably, others... (bowltwist and frenchbraid, argh)
7. I'll also include a few mesh tweaks and fixed age conversion meshes.

I may redo some of the styles Ja already tackled (like the liberty spikes, which I realphaed so they look good without those fucking stupid bangs), which is kind of unfortunate given how she bundled hers in all-in-one packages, so I'll have to cut them apart and offer them individually for people who don't have SimPE to tweak things themselves and who might not want everything I redo in an EP set.

Also, I have plans for a couple of gender conversions -- closecrop for women (has anyone done that yet?) because the ladies need a nice short afro, and the shaved underneath ponytail for women.

A mighty list of the finished retextures )

To-do List

Sep. 12th, 2010 03:35 pm
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Because we all know how well I keep up with these. Some of these are actual promises to people, though, which means I'm 99% more likely to keep them.


- Edit of Nouk's Male Long hair and conversion to TF-EF
- Full age and gender conversion of HP's Gaius hair (AF done)
- Gender conversion of Nouk's latest dreads
- Fix of my Elven hair and remake (fixed mapping!) of same


- Seperate nude meshes
- Basic set: Underwear/swim, trunks, pajama pants, track pants w/ tank top, warm coat, formal suit, 3 or 4 shirt seperates (3D untucked + nude untucked)
- Starter skin pack (Penny Wise or Penny for Your Thoughts)

Genetics, general:
- Octopus alien skin
- Eyes for same
- Alien template for same
- MOAR medium (i.e. brown) to dark skins (colour suggestions, esp. with swatch examples, welcome)

- 3D untucked shirts for men (3 or 4 different hemlines and sleeves)
- Conversions of same to CU, TM, EM
- Boobed conversions of same
- Improved Fat Morph nude untucked AM mesh

Bleh. There's a massive pile of other stuff on my list, but I'm firmly putting it onto the Whenever shelf because I'm feeling swamped already.
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Not that this has EVERYTHING I want to do on it, but given my tendency to get distracted, I'd best keep things short. XD This is all stuff past ~50% completion. I'll try to finish this lot in the next month and a half, as I'll be gone traveling for a month after that and I will at most have a netbook with me (and most likely an analog notebook--you know, the kind with paper *g*).


- Pooklet'd eyebrows (which are sooo close to done, it's just all of the importing and binning and argh)
- Pooklet'd facial hair
- Two sets of Pennies skintones (gotta fix an arm seam issue, argh)
- Base improved fatmorph/properly tailored clothes set
- Revamped female androgyny base meshes
- Brand new male androgyny shape
- Skins for same
- Base clothing set for androgyny shapes

There are also some mesh fixes and extractions I reaaaaally want to do (if you've played Fable:TLC, how about those potion bottles, eh?), but I know better than to make promises before I have something actually started. :P
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Hard drive successfully installed, backup hard drive successfully left the hell alone, my usual assortment of programs successfully installed. For a wonder, TS2 only took two hours, patches and all.

I very nearly had a heart attack when I did something really stupid (never ever ever try to use a resolution higher than your LCD monitor's native resolution, is all I'm saying), but I managed to sort it, and everything is going smoothly so far. I have yet to actually try the game, but that's next on my to-do list. Stupid hard drive, making clicks of doom just as I'd started to get back into playing. >:[

Tonight I get to rest as the combination of computer fuckery + running all around downtown Helsinki yesterday wore me out. Tomorrow, projects! And since I actually want to do STUFF for this month's theme as well as other things I have in the works... a listy.

-- Finish SS gift!!!

  • Base game Manternity. I can understand why EAxis made the outfits so ugly--I imagine most guys infested with alien spawn would be hiding out in the house and wearing comfy, baggy clothes in a desperate attempt to disguise their rapidly growing bellies--but, well, some of us like our games to have Style. So. It is this Club Crimsyn mesh that I have already added morphs to, with cheerier recolours. I'm thinking of unlocking them too so sims can wear them even when they aren't pregnant.

  • Base game AM untucked shirt with pants outfit. This was like the only base game AM mesh I even liked, back in the day, even though it fits like a sack. New textures and handsoming up the general shape is necessary. I know Fanseelamb already did a version, but I don't like RabidAngel's mesh. :| No popped collars pls.

  • Make fitted every male mesh I don't hate. This is a maybe because DEAR GOD there are a lot of them even when I ignore the meshes I DO hate. I'm also reeeally tempted to alter the fat morphs to look chubby, not bowling-ball-smuggler, but... I realize it'll be awfully weird to have mixed types of fat morphs. Dunno, I have to think on this. At the very least I can do two versions, since I have to fix the normal morph anyway.

  • I know I had another one, but I can't for the life of me remember it. [Edit] Oh, right. Kilts.

-- Finish the Food of the Gods skintones
-- Make a 'normal sim' skintone set from the same base blend
-- Make at least an alien set of same
-- Make that female bodyhair overlay already

Aaand I think that's enough as I have a holiday card design to get done as of a week ago (eep) and a whoooole bunch of holiday crocheting and then a little time to catch my breath before I have to plan my summer Month Long Trip of Doom.
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It occurs to me that sim guys are still sorely neglected on the clothes front. They have a decent selection of outfits by now, but not so many seperates--especially not the kids or the elders. Poor sods.

I suppose I ought to do something about that if it displeases me. Which it does, since I'm all about the seperates. So I will.

This means a project list so I don't drown in might-dos and have-I-dones.


  • Convert some of Aikea Guinea and Gelydh's stuff for more ages and give it fat morphs*.
    • Sweaters [Status: Adult fat morphs fixed, TF done, TM need fiddling, textures need to be recoloured/linked]

    • Bootcut pants w/boots [Status: Waiting]

    • Utilikilts [Status: Need Maxis match retexturing]

    • Rolled jeans [Status: Need fat morphs, Teen and Child conversions]

  • Convert some of Amaryll's clothing (mostly seperates)
    • Granny cardigan [Status: TF mesh finished, linked recolours need to be made]

    • Frill Jacket [Status: Needs TF and EF conversions]

    • AM&AF jeans with converses [Status: Needs Teen, Child, and EF Conversions]

    • NL Sweater [Status: Needs TM and EM conversions]

    • Silhouette Trench with converses [Status: Needs TF and EF conversions]

  • Convert FantasyRogue's seperated TSS shirt/rip original mesh apart on my own (whichever is faster), nix the wristband on the original, and retexture the lot [Status: Waiting]

  • Convert and retexture some of CatofEvilGenius's meshes because Maxis match sucks when it = base game plasticy textures
    • Rolled sleeve oxford retexture [Status: Waiting]

    • TM long sleeved open shirt rextexture, slimification, and AM conversion [Status: Waiting]

  • Retexture Adele's velvet jackets to be Maxis Match [Status: Waiting]

  • Repeat above where applicable for Gothplague's Androgyny meshes and Twisted FATE's eventual TG meshes. [Status: Waiting]

  • ... finish those Androgyny skintones. [Status: Waiting]

  • Buy more coffee (more related than you may think). [Status: Before the end of the week, lest I run out]

  • Play the goddamned game one of these days. [Status: Who knows]

There's a number of Maxis meshes I want to rip apart and put back together in new combinations, but there's so many of those I could be here all day making a list. Same with slimified default replacements of some of the hideously boxy male meshes.

I also want to figure out some genderbendy clothes for guys that don't make them look like pretty yaoi princesses or stereotypical drag queens. I'm kind of thinking about some skirts, but I don't know. I'm not sure if the fact that I'd dress pretty much the same if I had guy bits instead of girl bits makes me a good or poor judge of what would be useful. :P

... Oh yeah! Non-clothes projects!

  • Skins
    • Starfruit alien skin [Status: textures 99% complete, need to touch up shoulders and make default & nondefault packages]

    • FantasyRogue Green alien skin made to match Delicious Skins [Status: default replacement complete]

    • Morgue Zombie skin [Status: textures 85% complete, need to make default & nondefault packages]

    • Rotting zombie skin [Status: textures 20% complete]

  • Organize clutter and make collection-only, err, collections

Anyhow, that's more than enough to get me started and keep me from getting horribly sidetracked by other shiny things.


* I know, Maxis thinks chubby guys look like they smuggle bowling balls under their shirts and it looks ridiculous, but hey. Anal retentive completionist. Maybe one of these days if I'm feeling especially masochistic I'll redo the Maxis fat morph for certain meshes... but don't hold your breath.


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