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Eight retextures of Amaryll's layerable granny cardigan and two conversions (for TF and EF).

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A request on GoS made me realize I have various little conversions and fixed meshes lying about my downloads folder all waiting for me to put them up someday. Random insomnia last night has left me too sleepy to do anything requiring much brain, so that someday is today!

1. Amaryll's H&M Cardigan conversion converted for TF. Two folders in the zip: One containing my conversion and recolours that texture reference Amaryll's recolours, the other Amaryll's original files in case you don't have them.

Working on an EF conversion. I realize Cocomama made one, but she mapped it differently so I can't TR those. :(

These are replacements for their original files--

2. Hysterical Paroxsym's T-shirt mesh with fixed pregmorph. The pregmorph had incorrect comments (botmorphs pregbot instead of topmorphs pregtop), causing it to make any bottom it was paired with appear not-pregnant. This one was especially annoying as CatofEvilGenius brought it to HP's attention over a year ago, and HP never did take the 30 seconds to fix it.

3. Kalynn's TM untuckable t-shirt mesh adjusted to actually be representative of a teen body. I think she just scaled down the adult mesh, fixed the neck and waist, and left it at that, making boys wearing that mesh looking like they were wearing muscle padding under their shirts. Mmmno.

4. Migamoo's TF untuckable t-shirt mesh made into a, um, actual t-shirt. Migamoo's version wasn't broken, it was just pretty much a base game tank mesh with remapping, and thus, boob creases. I resized HP's mesh because it's actually t-shirt shaped across the chest.

[/bitchbitchbitch] :D

Aaand some more goodies--

5. Untuckable tees with star_gusser's textures by Io for TF and EF. Texture references the adult files, which are included. Also included is Gelydh's 'Professional Widow' EF untuckable t-shirt mesh, since she's awesome and kept it mapped so that it can share AF textures. :D TF mesh is Migamoo's, not included, grab my fixed file above. Please note that I didn't do the black one because it was too solidly black for my taste.

6. Bosie's 'My Beloved' dresses as tops only for TF-EF. Not quite untuckable, but long enough they'll look good with low-rise pants. AF uses HP's mesh, TF uses Migamoo's, EF uses Gelydh's, which is included here also. I realize it's a slightly odd choice for elders, but hey, I have some slightly odd sims.

There. I think that's all of it...
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I made these a while ago, forgot I had them, then found them still lounging around my SavedSims folder when I went to make a skin. Yet another round of 'I know someone already did this, but I did it better.' The H&M Forge shirt made into a seperate, slimmed down so it isn't two sizes too big, and converted for teens and elders as well. All meshes have a (somewhat lumpy) fat morph, and I thiiiink the adult mesh has a preg morph.

Six colours--four patterened, two plain. Teen and elder recolours reference the adult textures, so make sure you have the corrosponding adult recolour!


Pooklet's actions for some base colours for tweaking.
Squidfingers patterns.



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