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[profile] aeliaa was my SS giftee this year, and since she opted to share and it's past the holidays, it's time to put an easier-to-find link out. :)

I made a few sets:

'Deco', various prints by Erté (3 suites -- Princesses, Precious Stones, and 20s Revisited) and George Barbier on Civil Idol, Lady on Red, Grilled Cheese, and Surfing the Universe. Goes great with Graverobber's add-ons!

'Endless Dream' eyeshadows -- these won't obscure the shape of your sims' eyelids, so no sudden double eyelid on monolidded sims, or narrow eyelids on heavylidded sims. Textures are a blend of Enayla's Warmth skin, SimpleLife's monolid eyemask, and a touch of RenSim's Zine shadow. Alpha is a blend of SimpleLife's eyeshadow alpha and RenSim's Zine, with additional editing by me.

View swatch. )

'Flower Faery', two floral-themed skintones on the Pennies base.

'Mauritania', retextured and Pooklet'd Mauritania doors + stained glass textures for the glass panel. The stained glass IS transparent, minus the leading which I made sure is not; transparencies vary depending on the type of glass in the designs, like real stained glass. Goes great with Leesester's Mauritania add-ons.

There are plenty more swatches in the zip. Download at
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Oh hai, I made you some defaults. No preview this time, you can go back and look at the previews for the custom.

Download S1 [Penny Wise Two]
Download S2 [Penny Wise Three]
Download S3 [Penny For Your Thoughts Four OR Penny Arcade Four, your choice -- Thank you, Amythestfenix!]
Download S4 [Penny For Your Thoughts Five]


In a day and a half I will be, volcanoes willing, traipsing off across the sea to the wilds of the Northwestern United States, where I will battle hipsters, hippies, and indie musicians for delicious coffee. I'll be mostly out of commission until late June, possibly early July--I'll have regular internet access but I'll also be BUSY, so while I'll drop in from time to time I will basically not be around. I'll screen anonymous comments until I get back; I don't think there's going to be any trouble (read: spammers), but why tempt fate?

So enjoy your pretties, enjoy the start of the season (whichever it is for you), and don't break the Internet while I'm gone. <3
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The Penny Arcade set of the In for a Penny series is skinset with gold undertones, ranging from pale gold to caramel and olive tones. Three and Four are very similar in tone, but Four is a little darker and more caramel, whereas Three is a definite olive.

Again, these have a different nose--a more defined nose that tapers toward the bridge--and a different browline.

Credits: Enayla, Rensim, Teru_K, HP, Leh, jirka (for the nose)
Special thanks to Pooklet for her colour actions

ETA: On Arcade Two, I accidentally switched the soft textures of EF and AF/TF! If you're downloading for the first time, you'll get the corrected skin in the archive. For those who have already downloaded--

Corrected CUSTOM Arcade Two

Thank you to [personal profile] hat_plays_sims for letting me know.

Genetic spectrum face preview & download links. )

What's next in the Pennies series? Could be lots more, as I keep stumbling across new penny idioms (argh), but since I'm up to 15 skins in this series alone, I'm going to take a bit of a break, make some defaults, and think of what gaps need to be filled and what I'd like the alien skins to look like. That one is going to be the tough part!

Also: I put these together while under the influence of an annoying headcold, so if I botched something up, please let me know. (I already know I forgot to include preview pics in the rar. AGAIN. Mea culpa...)
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The Penny For Your Thoughts set of the In for a Penny series is skinset with cooler undertones, ranging from cool pinkish to smooth nut browns. The noses on this set are different from the Penny Wise set, being rounder and more buttonish. Once again, this set has the same bodies as the FotG set.

(Next up in the series, a gold-to-olive set with still different noses. Whee!)

Credits: Enayla, Rensim, Teru_K, HP, Leh
Special thanks to Pooklet for her colour actions

Genetic spectrum face preview & download links. )
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The Penny Wise set of the In for a Penny series is a very warm set of skins, ranging from pink to copper-red undertones. As the Penny Wise set uses the same bases as the Food of the Gods set, the bodies are the same (which means non-barbie). All Penny Wise skins sport the same nose, lips, and brow line.

Credits: Enayla, Rensim, Teru_K, HP, Leh

Genetic spectrum face preview & download links. )
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ZOMG FINALLY. Let's just say that getting the dark tones dark enough and the undertones right was a royal pain. But soooo worth it.

Base textures are a blend of a couple of blends and some other base skins. I used something like... five or six skins total for the bases alone. These I blended with Enayla skins to get their colours and faces in a less bumpy, shiny result with features that work better with a variety of sims, not just tiny-nosed prettypretties.

Faces are shared across ages, with different teeth for babies, toddlers, and children. Fit and slim tones are the same, and TF-AF and TM-EM share textures. Elders only use a pudgy texture. All skins were re-imported with SimPE at DXT 5 to reduce pixellation as much as possible. There's still a fair amount on the darkest tones, but what can you do.

Both genders have nipples and the women have bits, as per my usual.

No defaults for these. I've got some warmer, slightly more matte skins in the works that work better with the average sim that are more appropriate for defaults.

Credits: Enayla, Rensim, Teru_K, HP, Leh

Previews & download links. )
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An alien skintone inspired by one of my favourite weird fruits. This one took a while due to noticing yet another glaring flaw every time I thought I was done. :D

Not content to have aliens that were sims with green bodypaint on, I set out on a quest to make a blend that was more truly alien--dragonish with bony and weird parts and unusually coloured.

Both genders Teen through Elder use the same face. TF-AF share the same textures, as do TM-EM. Default Replacement zip includes two handy additional files: Argon's Fit Fixes, so that aliens will change fitness states, and BastDawn's TF alien eye fix. Alien eyes not included.


Base: My Delicious Nectarine skin
Alienish details: Astiee's Martini Olive skin
Extra bony details: Jason Ulloa's otherwise frightening Gisele skin and a bit of an older Navetsea F-In skin
Extra face details: Lunar Eclipse

Skin and Face details
Download Default Replacement | Download Custom

I may make some oddly-coloured-human alien skins later. I kinda want a pale strawberry candy coloured one...
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Because it isn't Halloween without zombies. )

In other news, I am BUSY AS FUCK. Other than fixing the last issue on the Starfruit skin and posting it, expect me to be more or less disappeared until January.
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(Also known as 'omg not more previews to make please shoot me')

Behold, the skintone of much work and a silly name! This was a result of me getting really fussy and annoyed I couldn't find a skintone without at least one thing that annoyed me to distraction. When I made it, I first thought I'd release it... somewhere... but speshul snoflake ToSes kinda quashed that until now.

Policy: the usual--credit, no paysites, futz with it as you like.

Swatches, morph examples, download links, and more! )


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