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What I'll be posting here is Sims and Sims-related creations, and related moaning about the difficulties thereof. No locked posts and vanishingly little personal stuff.

Content Policy.

Man, do whatever, I don't give a shit. Just have fun.

Commenting Policy.

Don't be a jerkface, jerkface.
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I only post to GoS and here. At GoS, I regularly contribute to the monthly themes and occassionally dip my foot into the requests area. I'll keep this list updated as I remember to.

Everything(ish) I've made for TS2 and put here. )

Everything(ish) I've made for TS2 and put on Garden of Shadows. )
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I DID NOT FORGET ABOUT MY LEGACY I just. Had winter happen to me. But my adorable saucy fish girl and her wife's tale continues!

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Pelagos Legacy 1.1

While I've attempted legacies before, I've never gotten past gen two - and I've never done the whole picture taking and story writing thing with them, either. I figured it was time to find out, and see if taking pictures and making things interesting so there's a story to tell will keep me going to generation ten. Come with me on an exciting journey to find out of I can make it and if I ever get any better at taking and editing pictures! 8D

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I made a tumblr - magpieplayssims - since the bulk of the community activity seems to be over there now. I don't know how many active people follow this blog, but I'll still post the occasional update here just in case.
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Ah yes, forgot to mention - I would really appreciate clothing conversion suggestions for transgender sims. My sense of style is, er, lackadaisical at best, so I'm not really a good judge of what would be a good idea to make.

If you suggest CC, please give me a link since I probably won't have it.

(I've already got three skirt conversions in the pipeline - I made the meshes ages ago and got them linked to a base recolor, I just... never went further than that.)

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Still have my old project files from before I stopped playing years ago. They look like they only need minimal tweaking.

Cut for tastefully starred out sim nudity )
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I am fond of separates, especially since finding out it's possible to use separates in non-everyday categories, and prefer them to be shareable across shapes when possible to reduce bin clutter and maximize variety in randomization.

Problem: The fat morphs put a big wrench in making separates shareable across bodyshapes. Separation point on F mesh makes for a nipped in waist and difficulty shaping an apple-shape belly; M fat morph is SO apple-shaped it's awkward to make feminine.

Not impossible. I have a mostly-completed body mesh that I made ages ago where the fat morph looks good, imo. Not hourglassy like default F, but then, lots of fat folks have apple-shaped bodies and narrowish hips regardless of hormone balance.

F morph... more difficult. I need to work on it, see what I can do. It WILL be a separate bodyshape from F androgyny, as it's meant to simulate a different fat distribution/muscle size due to HRT.

Alternate possibilities if morphs for compatible separates are unsatisfactory:

- two versions of bodyshapes, one shareable separates compatible, one not; make two versions of full body meshes. Will not be making different separates in this scenario.
- shareable M bottom separates where the fat morph is transgender bodyshape compatible, and compatible-ish for default morph tops that are long + bulky enough and have a 'capped' bottom so there aren't visible gaps. Might work okay. F version would be the other way around - F transgender top morphs compatible with default morph bottoms - and probably not work nearly so well.
- flag bottoms for both M and F, have transgender bodyshape tops categorized appropriately. Not an option for me - too messy, wouldn't be able to have clothes flagged that way be townified.

There's also that M and F legs are mapped differently (the choices EA made were so...), so that everything from mid-thigh down ends up in the wrong place if a sim with a skin assuming one kind of mapping wears bare-legged clothes using the other. (Something I messed up on with the M androgyny shape because I wanted to keep skin sizes small. Sorry, everyone; I'll see about fixing that if people would like.)

[edit] There's also the simple fact that EA made the M body considerably fatter than the F body (i.e. actually fat vs. a bit chubby) that makes it hard to get comparable shapes. I could speculate on why there's a large disparity, but... depressing.
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Long time no see. I remembered I had these defaults that I had taken screencaps of but never uploaded, and when I went to look at them in-game (after getting the damn thing to start) I thought they were nice enough to be worth sharing. I also discovered some outfits I'd totally forgotten I'd made because I hadn't taken screencaps of them.

Unlike the previous however many times, I'm not going to make any promises one way or another of if I'll make more stuff, because my gaming whims are capricious and my creating whims even moreso. Also, I hate taking screenshots more than anything.

Sorry, no swatches this time, just preview pics.

Onward. )
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DW says your inbox is closed so I'm posting my reply here:

Thank you for letting me know the elder underwear file links are broken! That's so weird -- I must have made a copy/paste error on my post because the files are still in my Mediafire folder. Anyhow, try these links:


Let me know if they don't work and I'll upload them to Box instead.

And I'm glad you found the HP top fix. :D
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This is one of the gifts I made for the GoS Treasure hunt back in June -- a set of 10 tattoos made from images extracted from the game Fable. Some look better than others in different placements, but they're all pretty versatile. Most of them have one color channel, with the exception of 7 which I believe has 2.

If you have Ambitions or your game patched and up to date, you can use these. *.package files only, sorry.

Download @ Mediafire
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Hey there! I haven't been updating here for a while for various reasons, the big one being that my computer had been getting more and more painful to use. It was terribly slow and acting strangely -- I probably could have used a new Windows install, but that wouldn't have helped with the fact that the motherboard and processor were a decade old, and the video card only a year or two newer. It really killed my creativity to only be able to have one program open at a time, and that their processing times meant it could take up to half an hour just to build one package.

However! I rebuilt it completely a little while ago and it works like a dream, and while I've been trying out other games now that they'll actually run and run well (I can finally play Dragon Age ;_;), I haven't abandoned TS2. Far from it -- now that I have a good computer, creating is fun again because the tedious button pushing parts go a lot faster, and I can keep a whole bunch of programs open at once so referencing what I need to tweak is super easy.

I have a whole bunch of goodies I've already made to put up -- a ton of texture replacements for base game clothes, and nice, matching recolors of some base game build items -- and I'm in the process of making a whole bunch more. Immediately in the works are skirt conversions for teens, elders, and M sims, a new 8-skin Maxis matchy skinset, and a trans* bodyshape basic set.

(On that note: repositoried clothes, or no? I could either give the AM clothes textures and repository the other ages, or I could repository them all to the AF clothes. Thoughts?)

I'll also have some TS3 stuff up, but that will happen more sporadically because TS3 meshing and texturing is a giant headache (the in-game recolorability means the creating end is waaay more complicated) and most of the tutorials are bare bones.
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I seem to have made a bit of a project out of age and gender converting EA Store hairstyles. They're pretty low poly and they aren't bad meshes for the most part -- they just tend to not be for enough ages or only for one gender, and of course the textures are mostly unsuitable for non-Maxis Match games.


I've always been really fond of the asymmetric bob so that was a natural to gender convert. The bowl cut is maybe a slightly strange choice, but to me it's a bit more cute than it is ugly, and I think people playing medieval-themed games could get a lot of use out of it.

I converted both styles for men, and added a toddler age to the bowl cut. On the bowl cut I also adjusted the meshes for the existing ages to sit better on the head -- it was awfully high up before.

Both come binned and Pooklet'd in four colors + elder gray linked to black; the asymmetric bob comes in four streaked custom colors as well that work for teen through elder. If you decide you don't want the hair for one gender, delete the recolors with F or M in the filename, as you choose.

Included in each archive are the base texture in Volatile so it's easier to make any other colors you need.

(Dynamite, Depth Charge, Volatile, Pyrotechnic, Mail Bomb)

(Cupcake, Marmalade, Blue Raspberry, Licorice)

Download Modern Asymmetric Bob
Download Modern Bowlcut
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April Fool's Day generally kind of irritates me with the number of dumb and tedious pranks sites like to pull, so I thought I'd do my part to alleviate that somewhat by offering up a few old styles I've made a successful attempt to salvage by retexturing -- XM Sims 051, Peggy/Juice 0021, and Sunair 0036 & 0037. XM 0051 is for teens through elders, I believe, while the others are all ages.

All styles come in (from left to right) Dynamite (black), Depth Charge (brown), Volatile (blond), Pyrotechnic (red), and Mail Bomb (gray), and have been retextured in various combinations of Pooklet's v. 2 and 3 textures (with some additional textures from elsewhere mixed in where noted). Gray is the elder only file, so don't delete it or elders won't have that hairstyle! However, I've included base Volatile textures in each archive so you can make any other colors you need.

Juice 0021 and Sunair 0036 also come in four streaked recolors.

From left to right:
Cupcake - Primer base, streaked with PowderCake and Pentolite
Marmelade - Firework base, streaked with Torpedo and C-3
Blue Raspberry - HMX base, streaked with Fluorophore and Blasting Agent
Licorice - FlashPowder base, streaked with Fulminant and Semtex

More previews with side shots, and download links )
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The EA Store had a couple of really nice updo meshes (Swept Up & Rolled and French Twist) that I never put in my game because I was so annoyed they didn't come for teens. Some time after I learned how to convert hair it occurred to me that these would be good candidates for conversion -- nice styles in simple, one-group meshes.

Retexturing them wasn't so easy, but c'est la vie.

Each style comes in Dynamite, Depth Charge, Pyrotechnic, and Volatile, with Mail Bomb for elders in the Dynamite file. Also included for each is a bmp of the Volatile texture for clean recoloring. All meshes are included.

Download here.

Download here.
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I retextured and colored all of the basegame small appliances -- coffeemaker, toaster oven, food processor, microwave oven, and espresso machine -- as well as the two indoor trash bins. The colors match those in the large appliance recolor set I gave as an SS gift to AdmiralAeris, so you can be as painfully matchy-matchy with your kitchen decor as your heart desires.

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I didn't get much of a response from my santee about the gift, but I worked really hard on it and I'm proud of what I made.

- All of the counters and countertops have working dirty states
- As do the stoves
- I was careful to keep handles, knobs, dials, etc colors they should be -- no running the whole texture through a color action and calling it done here!
- All of the colors MATCH as closely as I was able -- which was dead on for the appliances. All of the appliances also have the same sheen, so when you switch out, say, a cheap dishwasher for an expensive one, you'll still have the same look and feel.

Swatches here... )

Aelia, Curious B, and Pooklet for color actions
Maxis for most of the textures
Swirl and regular woods grabbed from an image search

Download here. Please let me know if my bandwith runs out so I can re-host elsewhere. You'll probably need to use this mediafire link instead since Box has turned into a bag of dicks.

Do let me know if you're interested in matching recolors for the small basegame appliances and trash bins! I've got some templates put together.

As for what I got, check out my post here on GoS. Cynthia did an awesome job and I'm really, really happy with my gift, enough so that I'm actually sad I don't have a real life sofa in one of those Amelia recolors. XD
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So hey, long time no see. I've been pretty busy with a new job, but there's also the sad fact that now that I have to use a crappy kitchen chair, my gaming computer setup is just too painful to sit at for more than an hour or so a time. Obviously this puts huge dent in my playing and creating.

Still, I've been puttering around making this and that on occasion. Like these; none of the hundreds of plainish recolors for Jonesi's bed blanket out there suited me, or there were just too damned many per set for me to be able to sort through without being paralyzed by indecision.

These are pretty simple: a generic 'cloth' texture that suits all sorts of objects so it'll look decent with the many things slaved to the bed blanket, and in plain and striped for each color. All of the colors are Pooklet's (except for Topaz, that's Aelia's Saffron), renamed for a little more ease of telling what's what. The lighter color in the stripes mostly matches the same color plain version, but there's some disparity in the dark versions.

Striped Swatch.

Colors are, from right to left:
White, Candy Pink, Candy Orange, Candy Yellow
Candy Green, Candy Teal, Candy Blue, Candy Purple
Ruby, Garnet, Amethyst, Sapphire
Emerald, Topaz, Brown, Black

Everything is labeled clearly so you can easily delete what you don't want.

Download Jonesi's Bed Blanket recolors.

If you're looking for the bed blanket and the addons, here is a placeable anywhere, fixed version and a single bed version by Huge Lunatic (look through the rest of HL's forums to find a few more items), here are a bunch of Moune's pillows made slaved by amethystfenix, and here are a whole BUNCH of items of slaved items, like tablecloths and rugs, by Helle.
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Guess who has a new monitor? :D

Well, new-to-me monitor. It's old enough to be clunky for an LCD and is lower-res than my previous one, but eh, the colors are okay and it's clear enough. Now I can make things and play again!

However, I won't be around as much as before -- besides general busy-ness and fandom juggling, after threeish months away I am reminded of how painful my desk setup is, so I'll have to make every moment here count. Which in practice really means less screwing around with folder setups and reading ALL THE THINGS and more actually doing stuff.

You should take it as a given that any of my previous projects (save androgyny) is probably abandoned, though. I will see what I can resurrect but I know better than to make promises.

I'm sure I've missed a ton (like Christmas in July, sob), so I'll try to catch up at least a little...
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Hey folks -- I didn't mean to go MIA, but between my monitor breaking and me being busy with summer and various other things, I haven't been able to do more than glance at this thing and GoS every once in a while.

Broken monitor means no gaming or creating, sadly, and unfortunately I have no idea when I'll be able to get my hands on a new monitor. :/ I have the netbook I do my work on, but participating isn't much fun when I can't make things or play, you know?

I also kind of fell down the rabbit hole that is Homestuck, oops.

Anyhow, I miss you all, and I hope I'll be back sooner rather than later. <3 I hope you're all doing all right.


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