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I am fond of separates, especially since finding out it's possible to use separates in non-everyday categories, and prefer them to be shareable across shapes when possible to reduce bin clutter and maximize variety in randomization.

Problem: The fat morphs put a big wrench in making separates shareable across bodyshapes. Separation point on F mesh makes for a nipped in waist and difficulty shaping an apple-shape belly; M fat morph is SO apple-shaped it's awkward to make feminine.

Not impossible. I have a mostly-completed body mesh that I made ages ago where the fat morph looks good, imo. Not hourglassy like default F, but then, lots of fat folks have apple-shaped bodies and narrowish hips regardless of hormone balance.

F morph... more difficult. I need to work on it, see what I can do. It WILL be a separate bodyshape from F androgyny, as it's meant to simulate a different fat distribution/muscle size due to HRT.

Alternate possibilities if morphs for compatible separates are unsatisfactory:

- two versions of bodyshapes, one shareable separates compatible, one not; make two versions of full body meshes. Will not be making different separates in this scenario.
- shareable M bottom separates where the fat morph is transgender bodyshape compatible, and compatible-ish for default morph tops that are long + bulky enough and have a 'capped' bottom so there aren't visible gaps. Might work okay. F version would be the other way around - F transgender top morphs compatible with default morph bottoms - and probably not work nearly so well.
- flag bottoms for both M and F, have transgender bodyshape tops categorized appropriately. Not an option for me - too messy, wouldn't be able to have clothes flagged that way be townified.

There's also that M and F legs are mapped differently (the choices EA made were so...), so that everything from mid-thigh down ends up in the wrong place if a sim with a skin assuming one kind of mapping wears bare-legged clothes using the other. (Something I messed up on with the M androgyny shape because I wanted to keep skin sizes small. Sorry, everyone; I'll see about fixing that if people would like.)

[edit] There's also the simple fact that EA made the M body considerably fatter than the F body (i.e. actually fat vs. a bit chubby) that makes it hard to get comparable shapes. I could speculate on why there's a large disparity, but... depressing.
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