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Second verse, same as the first. Difference here is that I borrowed heavily from other creator's textures to make these, and there are no mesh edits; all textures work with the waist ridges, which provides an extra and rather nice 3D effect.

Thanks to Pooklet, CuriousB, and Aelia for color actions.


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I haven't been around much making things-wise lately because creativity has been at a low ebb for the past month and a half here in Aquilegialand.

But sometime back I made some default replacement clothes, and after a while of actually playing and seeing them in action I could decide which ones were good enough to share. A couple have built-in mesh edits that don't change the mapping so existing recolors will still look fine -- in fact, they will look even better because I made the meshes look better! There is one exception but you'll see that when we get to it.

Thanks to Pooklet, CuriousB, and Aelia for color actions.


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This is an ENORMOUS project that started as noodling around to see if I could salvage a few Maxis meshes and grew into an absolute monster. These replacements cover 56 non-hat Basegame hairstyles; the additional 6 hiders hide the styles I loathe too much to touch. Some styles are completely retextured, others only softened a bit and recolored.

Allow me to crow: some of these styles were absolute bitches. Maxis failmapping was in full force in the basegame, with continuous parts of meshes often mapped in completely different places, making it difficult to avoid big, ugly seams with retextures (and in the case of the Short style, even Maxis couldn't avoid such).

Through careful blending, lots of cursing, and the blessing that is previewing via Milkshape, I managed to retexture these styles in a way that minimizes the weird mapping. They aren't perfect; I had to do some blending magic with the Maxis textures to get this to work, and as a result the textures a little funky along those seams. They're good enough for my game; you'll have to choose whether or not they're good enough for yours.

I also made the mullet style workable through a mesh edit as well as a retexture. The mesh is a part of the package, as the texture really doesn't work with the original mesh.

All files have been compressorized.

Preview 1 | Preview 2 | Preview 3 | Preview 4 | Preview 5 | Preview 6 | Preview 7


All custom 'mirror' colors have been replaced as well as the binned styles.

I've edited some styles to texture reference the opposite gender's textures, where the styles used the same mapping. This saves considerably on file size, but PLEASE BE AWARE: this means certain age conversions (AM mohawk and AM Longdreads) will end up using Maxis textures unless you fix them.

Some files may look particularly large; this is because they had many custom colors, required large texture sizes for quality, or both.

Remember, these are DEFAULT REPLACEMENTS: You can have only one of any given replacement.

DOWNLOAD Default Texture Replacements (Acorntuck through Meg)
DOWNLOAD Default Texture Replacements (Messy through Will)

BONUS! Conversions, mesh edits, addons, and texture resources





Pooklet's colors (Dynamite, Depth Charge, Volatile, Pyrotechnic, and TimeBomb)
Pooklet's v.2 and v.3 textures
Nouk's Waves, Afro, and Dreads textures
Nymphy's curls edit of Nouk's Waves
AlfredAskew for the Shortsimple retexture I tweaked, softened, and blended with the Maxis texture
Almighty Hat for the braidsup, halo, lowbun, meg, poofs, rocker, and sixty textures
Alkaloid via Almight Hat for the shortmop textures
Monoblue for the PG Skater alpha
Ja, Almighty Hat, Nymphy, and Lunar Eclipse for pilfered alphas
Biobong on MTS for the Punkflip edit idea
Melodie9's many, many age conversions
Layana's texture referencing, Maxis-blending files for the conversions

I apologize for any missing credits in the text files included with the archive.

Please feel free to use my packages to build your own replacements.

*falls over*
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I'M SO CLOSE, YOU GUYS. I've done all but ten of the non-hat styles, and of those ten I'm going to hide all but two*, maybe four. I have a couple more meshes to tweak (including some age conversions that fit oddly or have normals issues), a few alphas to fix, and then I can upload the lot. :D (I will do the hats, just in a separate batch).

In order, from left to right, top to bottom:long (Bella Goth's hair) with Nymphy's curls, pagepunk (with a mesh edit), barrette with Nouk's waves, rosettes with Nouk's afro texture, shorttuckin, and acorntuck (with a mesh edit).


* Still to be done: crewcut, formal (a CF only updo with a ribbon)

May be done if I'm feeling patient: pompadore, ricebowl

Not going to happen because they are substandard and ugly: feather, mediumcenterpart (it's just a crappier version of acorntuck), ponytailhigh, flypigtails, frontalwave, round (the deflated soccerball Maxis tried to pass off as an afro).
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I have 35 (!!) of the basegame hairstyles retextured (many thanks go to Hat for the retextures of hers I could borrow). After a lot of fussing, snarling, and not touching the project for days at a time, I've decided on a few things:

1. I'll use the colors Ja chose for her default replacements for mine. They really aren't the colors I prefer, but just the thought of doing all of those other styles is a deeply unhappy one, as is making default packages twice over. I can live with non-optimal-for-me shades.
2. I'm doing defaults instead of nice sets of recolors because I really, really, really hate the Bodyshop project dance. I did two styles and... no.
3. Instead I'll offer a base volatile texture (bmp+alpha bmp, or png?) of every hair that anyone is likely to want, like the curly/wavy retextures. I'll keep base textures of the others kicking around too just in case someone decides they really, REALLY want the combover in bright orange.
4. I'm offering each style in individual packages. I'm not grouping them together because I find that really annoying, and if you have something replaced that you like you wouldn't want mine coming in and bungling things up, now would you? You might also think that I have WAY TOO MANY WAVY TEXTURES (there are never too many) and not want them all. It also allows me to release them faster, since if anyone else is like me, there are a few basegame styles you use even when you hide most everything else.
5. I'm also not doing all of the hairstyles. There are a few I absolutely and utterly loathe and never use -- the flypigtails (Cassandra Goth's hair), the high ponytail, and the mullet I can say for sure won't make it in. Some of the hats also might not make it in unless I can texture the hair under them to actually look like another game hair (hip hat, I am looking at you).
6. Other hairstyles may not make it in because of Maxis failmapping. Some things I can correct for acceptably, others... (bowltwist and frenchbraid, argh)
7. I'll also include a few mesh tweaks and fixed age conversion meshes.

I may redo some of the styles Ja already tackled (like the liberty spikes, which I realphaed so they look good without those fucking stupid bangs), which is kind of unfortunate given how she bundled hers in all-in-one packages, so I'll have to cut them apart and offer them individually for people who don't have SimPE to tweak things themselves and who might not want everything I redo in an EP set.

Also, I have plans for a couple of gender conversions -- closecrop for women (has anyone done that yet?) because the ladies need a nice short afro, and the shaved underneath ponytail for women.

A mighty list of the finished retextures )
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Eight retextures of Amaryll's layerable granny cardigan and two conversions (for TF and EF).

More info, swatch, & download. )
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Needing to fix age conversions + thinking gee, I would really like that style if the textures didn't suck + avoiding something I should be doing but don't wanna = a lot of hair retextures. Praise be to Nouk for providing all of the textures I used.

I showed off my retexture of the Uni AF messed up hair at GoS last night. Then, inspiration:

I still don't entirely like the mesh but it looks more like a hairstyle someone might actually have and not a disastrous combo of mania + dull scissors.

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I have discovered something inexplicable and really irritating: Many of Melodie9's conversion meshes have an extra group called 'face' that's, well, a face. It does nothing and doesn't show up, but it adds 736 polygons nonetheless. I deleted it in a few meshes and tested and they showed up just fine, so I repeat: WTF?

I'm not even going to get into the unholy mess that is most Store hairstyles.

Expect mesh fixes to be forthcoming. >:[ This stuff really chaps my ass.
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For GoS's Low-Poly theme I've made two hairstyles, both for women and men, children through elders, and under 1000 polygons each. Get it at GoS!
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My computer has decided to start up the never fun game of Which Fan is Making Hideous Grinding Noises. Which fan? It's a mystery! It's intermittent, and despite repeated diggings around in the inside, prodding, and clearing out of dust, I haven't been able to determine which it is.

I should be able to get my hands on a known-good power supply for free if it's that, but if it's the video card fan or processor fan, I'm sort of screwed.

I'll still be around seeing as how I have a netbook, but there's a possibility all of my WIPs will be on hold for an indeterminate amount of time. :( I'll try to at least get texture resources and those two ponytail styles up.
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Due to scatterbrainedness I haven't been releasing base texture resources for my most recent creations. I mean to correct this, but I'm not sure what all I might be missing. I know I need to provide base textures for:

- The entire androgyny set (clothes)
- A template blending PSD for androgyny skins
- Base Volatile textures for both Royal hair sets

If there's anything else you'd like to see, this is the place to drop a note.
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Now for girls and women!

For full details, go to my post: Royal -- Three FtM hair conversions on GoS

Download Royal Long and Loose F version
Download Royal Bun F version
Download Royal Braid F version

Meshes included, swatches, uuum, not (sorry I forgot, but I'd've only used the M version swatches anyway). I suggest you use my version of the braid mesh rather than the Maxis version as I removed the weird chunky rag tied around the end of the children's mesh.
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I was a doofus and forgot to update the teen female nude bottom mesh on my androgyny project before I uploaded it all, so not only does it still have Marvine's feet, it doesn't have a preg morph. Get the fixed mesh here.

I've also updated the skins + base meshes archive so new downloaders won't get the wrong versioned file.
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This isn't a tutorial because it assumes you know a fair bit about meshing already and only covers highlights of things often not covered by tutorials. After going on a bunch of wild goose chases to track down obscure bits of information and thinking gee, someone needs to put this all in one place, I decided I might as well be that someone.

It's not exactly exhaustive, but these are some of the more trying issues I've run into and then had to dig for solutions on.

Importing your Mesh

First and foremost you have to import a mesh to give your hair the right skeleton. Wrong skeleton = the hairstyle sitting well above or below the sim's actual scalp and possibly having weird crunched animations.

If you're making a static style (no animations i.e. bones assigned to head or neck only, no bouncing) you might be fine so long as you import a mesh of the right age1. However, there's some fiddly weirdness with bones and hair meshes, as you will see in this MTS thread.

So, for best results, import one of the following base game meshes, matching up age2:

Now import the mesh you want to alter/convert, and delete the first mesh.

What happens if you don't do this? Well, you might get lucky and everything works as expected. However, you're more likely to end up with parts of your mesh squishing themselves up into the sim's skull or bulging out at the back. You may as well do it this way and save yourself the headache.

Age/Gender Converting

... is trial and error.

Teens have similar skull sizes to adults, the actual around-the-head bits won't have to be resized much. The length, if there is any, may need some work (especially with length discrepencies in some body parts, like AF's giraffe neck).

Children have smaller heads and will need to have the mesh scaled in all directions -- but they also have shorter bodies proportionally and semi to very long styles might have to have parts of the length cut off and the UV map adjusted for the mesh to fit right without making the animations crunchy.

Toddlers have MUCH shorter bodies and different proportions, and you will have to push, pull, cut up, and tweak considerably to get the mesh to fit right.

No wonder Peggy, Rose, et al do such shoddy work with styles for the kids, huh?

Groups and Other People's Meshes

Sometimes trying to open up someone else's meshes will give you a Too many P1 sections for this implimentation error. This means the mesher used WAY too many groups. You'll have to export it in two halves and import those halves into Milkshape.

Some meshes will have lots of groups named the same thing (like three each of hairalpha5 and hairalpha7). What this means is they are using the same UV map, and quite possibly the same spot on it, but all the groups have different opacities in the comments so they don't cause weird transparency issues in game. This is how meshes where trying to alpha edit off the bangs also edits off big chunks of the body of the hair are grouped.

You can change the groupings -- like, change the group names of the bangs to hairalpha11 and hairalpha9 (that's the frontside and backside) so they're seperately editable (make sure to keep the opacities the same). This means it needs more textures and needing new recolor packages, so don't make a mesh you change this way replace the original.

This can go the other way around. Some old meshes have a zillion seperate groups, the numbers going up so high Milkshape chokes on trying to import them and producing a zillion texture files when you go to recolor them. These meshes can be re-made to be more efficient by simply renaming/recommenting the groups, possibly adjusting some UV mapping, and then linking to a new recolor with the appropriate names and numbers of groups.

Meshes that have a hair group and a hairalpha5 group are hopelessly screwed up -- they have the top and underside of each piece, and then all of the pieces grouped together, causing weird transparency issues (I'm looking at YOU, XMsims). I haven't yet figured out how to unstick two layers of polygons from one another so I can even begin to fix these.

Building Your Mesh Package

As far as I can tell, the same rules apply when making your mesh package as do when you're importing your mesh into Milkshape -- you need to extract a mesh of the same age as the one you're making. The bone issue might exist here also; better to be safe than sorry and extract the same mesh for your base as you did for importing into Milkshape.

1. In SimPE, create a new package and extract the mesh for your base (i.e. afhairpgchoppy)
2. Fix integrity, put in the name you want to call it, update all, and press okay
3. Save
4. Import your new GMDC
5. Save again

I can't say for certain if you HAVE to do things in just that order, but I always get expected results from that method.


Always create one mesh package for each age. Keep them seperate until each mesh is absolutely perfect.

When making a dummy recolor to link your meshes to, it's easiest to use a recolor from a mesh with the same number and names of groups. The braidsup hair (two pigtail braids laying over the shoulders) is good for a lot of purposes; you can also use a recolor of a custom mesh if that mesh has the right name and numbers of groups.

There's also the long way around. It's a bit tedious, but it works.

When it comes time to link, click on the All Res label in the left pane. Now in the right pane sort by instance (the one on the far right). You should get a list starting with property sets, binary indices, and property sets. If not, click the instance button again. The instance numbers you want are single digit hex numbers, not the long long ones.

Choosing the correct 3DIR can be a bit of a headache. I go by noting the instance number of the correct property set and choosing the matching 3DIR. Click carefully when choosing a mesh; more than once I've grabbed the wrong one entirely by clicking too fast, so I've taken to choosing the mesh with one click, then clicking okay, rather than double-clicking on the mesh.

1 YA and Elders are equivalent to adults as far as hair meshes go; adult covers YA, A, and E. You'll link the YA and elder 3DIRs to the adult mesh.
2 As far as I can tell, sex doesn't matter. It definitely doesn't matter for children and toddlers, as girls and boys use the same bodies anyway.
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A semirealistic eyeblend with smaller irises and pupils (comparable to AlfredAskew's or Bruno's). Comes in custom, geneticized & townified, and default replacement flavors. Features 10 browns and 5 hazels, amongst many others! Get at Garden of Shadows.
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[profile] aeliaa was my SS giftee this year, and since she opted to share and it's past the holidays, it's time to put an easier-to-find link out. :)

I made a few sets:

'Deco', various prints by Erté (3 suites -- Princesses, Precious Stones, and 20s Revisited) and George Barbier on Civil Idol, Lady on Red, Grilled Cheese, and Surfing the Universe. Goes great with Graverobber's add-ons!

'Endless Dream' eyeshadows -- these won't obscure the shape of your sims' eyelids, so no sudden double eyelid on monolidded sims, or narrow eyelids on heavylidded sims. Textures are a blend of Enayla's Warmth skin, SimpleLife's monolid eyemask, and a touch of RenSim's Zine shadow. Alpha is a blend of SimpleLife's eyeshadow alpha and RenSim's Zine, with additional editing by me.

View swatch. )

'Flower Faery', two floral-themed skintones on the Pennies base.

'Mauritania', retextured and Pooklet'd Mauritania doors + stained glass textures for the glass panel. The stained glass IS transparent, minus the leading which I made sure is not; transparencies vary depending on the type of glass in the designs, like real stained glass. Goes great with Leesester's Mauritania add-ons.

There are plenty more swatches in the zip. Download at
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For all you sexyfeet users, the fabulous [personal profile] kkkayleighh has made sexyfeet versions of my Male Mesh Improvements. Get them here!
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A couple more sets of skins I've been poking at:

Pretty Penny -- the first two fulfill my lack of very pink/reddish caucasian skins, and then shade into the sienna/coppery range.

Penny Candy -- rose-gold skins from very pale to mid-range, because rose-gold shades are delicious, like candy.

Not sure how many more Pennies sets I'm going to care to make. I want to have at least a freckled set (Pennies From Heaven because the cutesy name for freckles is angel kisses (and yes, it makes me want to gag, but I can't resist the allusion)), a creepy-but-not-dessicated zombie (Bad Penny), and octopus aliens (The Penny Drops -- from space! Hahaha).

I'll be androgynizing as many of these as I can stand to, but probably starting with the Food of the Gods skins and working from there.
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Alternate image link.

The bodyshape is all finished, complete with five skintones (the Penny Wise set), new meshes for teens through elders, and outfits for all categories! Download it here at the Garden of Shadows Advent gift thread.


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