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Pelagos Legacy 1.1

While I've attempted legacies before, I've never gotten past gen two - and I've never done the whole picture taking and story writing thing with them, either. I figured it was time to find out, and see if taking pictures and making things interesting so there's a story to tell will keep me going to generation ten. Come with me on an exciting journey to find out of I can make it and if I ever get any better at taking and editing pictures! 8D

The little city is Greymerrow is where Mina Pelagos has has decided to settle.

The house - pretty, but sparse - sits on a bare stretch of beach between an abandoned house slowly sinking into the sea

and the decaying industrial district.

Mina is a fortune sim, with 4 neat/ 7 outgoing/ 7 active/ 4 playful/ 3 nice, and turn ons of formal wear and hard worker. This is going to make her dating life pretty difficult!

Mina: Hey, there's someone or somefin out there for everyone, I'm not worried.

I also have no idea what her LTW is, because I forgot that was even a thing. HAHA WHOOPS.

Normally this would be the point where she'd show you around her house, but I kept forgetting and hitting C instead of printscreen and it turns out the game camera settings were all at MEDIUM there's seriously nothing anything of interest in there, so instead, Mina does what every good legacy founder does, and heads to a community lot to--

-- Rock out??

Well, no. She wanted to earn some money, but zero creativity points mean she kept playing elevator music by accident, so she was hardly raking in the cash.

Fortunately, there are other activities for an enterprising young sim in a club and bar. See anything you like?

Mina: These bunch of chumbuckets couldn't hold the interest of a goldfish.


Mina goes downstairs to have a drink. See the person next to her, chugging down a drink of their own? That's Logan.

Who promptly steals Mina's drink out of her hand.

Mina puts her tragic lack of nice points to use.

Mina: Excuse me, but what the shell do you think you're doing, scumsucker?

Drink Thief: The name's Logan, and I'm saving the whales from alcoholism. Starting with you, fishface.


Logan buggers off, but Mina isn't going to forget that little insult. For now, though, there are some new faces in the club, so she heads back to the dancefloor.

Mina: Oh shell yes, I'm chatting this one up.

Spikes McGothington: No, no, no. I don't care what you did on whatever little island or whatever you came from, or what wacky things you ate.

Spikes McGothington: This is the city, girl! The big time. You've got to get into the groove of things, see some sights, get some culture--

Mina: I can get culture in a petri dish, jackass. Blast off.

Mina: So uh, mouthbreathing old dude. Do you know where I could, you know, see some art, get some culture around here?

Old dude: *STARE*

Mina: ... tough crowd.

Head vampire, Countess Opal Jellyby: *is apparently an alien*

Mina: I'm clearly the hottest thing in this club. Y'all got no taste.

Mina: Or skill. Or any ability to be anything but a buncha--


First day: a wash.

Hostile stray dogs don't make home any more friendly than the club.

Mina: But they make a good reminder to GET A LOCK FOR MY FUCKIN' GATE.

Not that it gets to see a whole lot of use - she needs to make money, and rolls a want to buy a makeover chair. Time to start a home business!

Zero creativity points or no, she's actually quite good at it, with only one failure between the time she starts and the time she gets a bronze badge. However...

Mina: Is this actually my life? Styling a bunch of suckerfishes' hair for pennies?

No, apparently your life is just scraping by because you take any and all excuses to go downtown and spend money.

Mina: Sounds good to me! 8D

Like so. The sim social network means Mina never lacks for social opportunities, and while Kieran and her have no romantic attraction, they immediately hit it off as friends.

Logan: Get outta my face, Shamu!

Speaking of hitting. 8|

Creepy, overly interested townie: *is creepy and overly interested*

Mina checks out the shop next door instead.

Mina: Oh shell yes. 8D

OH HELL NO. No elderly Maxisfaced premades for you.

Mina: How about this one, then? Hey cutie, you're cute.

Makoto: *shy sim giggle*

Only one bolt, but they get along nicely.

Mina just so happens to meet someone else of interest... in the alleyway.

Evil witch: Romantic problems, huh?

Mina: How'd you guess? 8D *plus*

Witchypants: You got that look about you. Hey, have you considered witchcraft? A little spell to give 'em a push in the right direction and bam, they'll be falling all over you!

Mina: Falling, you mean like... falling, or do you mean like, shooting their bullet train into my tunnel of love?

Witchy: Oh, you're the straightforward sort! Definitely the train.


Not that anything comes of it... for now. Mina heads back home, and after another day of hairstyling drudgery is invited out again by Kieran.

Mina: Helga, is it? You stick with me, I'll take you places :D

Helga: Uh... one bolt? Pass.

Mina isn't the only one not having any luck in the romance department.

But most people are doing better.

Fun fact: Teens with no creativity trying to sing karaoke sound exactly like my cat at 7.30 am when I'm trying to sleep. X(

At this point Mina was about a quarter way through her age bar and I was seriously considering having her try to get knocked up by whoever if she couldn't make things work with Makoto, but the next night I sent her to The Roadhouse again so she didn't have to try to subsist on cereal for dinner, and...

Mina: HI hello wow you're like really pretty hi hi hello hi

This is the first sim Mina has heartfarted over.

Mina: omg omg isn't she pretty omg I hope she likes me

Francesca: Hey, cutie. Come here often? ;)

Mina: OMG!!!

Mina: Not often enough if this is the first I've seen of you! YOWZA!

Francesca: You know you want it! ;D

Mina: I SURE DO. >8)

Francesca: What a woman! 8D

And the first sim to spontaneously heartfart over Mina. I think we've found a keeper!

Things don't go much further that night, but she's still high enough off the feeling of meeting THE ONE that Mina can't be bothered to work the next day. She hies off to The Roadhouse as soon as possible, only to have her bliss marred by a sour note.


Logan: Shouldn't you be in a tank somewhere?

Logan is content to leave Mina fuming, but someone else has their sights set on her.

Celéste: Ohhhh, look, you've got something on you!

Celéste: Your GUT! AHAHAHAHA suckerrrrrr

Celéste: Hahaha Cassandra look at what losers humans are

Mina: D:<

Cassandra: Celéste stop it

Mina: Yeah, well, YOU'RE ALL WET!

Celéste: Augh no, my eyes, my ears, that was such a shitty pun--

Mina: says the suckerfish who just got drenched >8)

Cassandra: idk I think it was pretty good *is a nereid*

Celéste: >:[

Cassandra: oh shit

Mina: *oblivious*

Mina: Oh fairy girl you have got to be kidding me--


Celéste was not kidding, even a little.

Spikes and Creepy: GIRL FIGHT! GIRL FIGHT! 8D


Celéste: Life's a beach, huh, human scum?

Mina: Ohhh my god my everything

Celéste: Suffer

How are you feeling, Mina?

Mina: MURDER *rolls a want to see Celéste's ghost*

But since killing Celéste is currently out of the question, she takes out her feelings on a more opportune target.

Mina: GIRLFIGHT, huh?!

Spikes: Look, I--


Townie McPremade: *watches vacantly*

She storms upstairs to gamble some money away from some marks, and gets a perfect comedy setup in poker partners.

Mina: Heheh, well well. Looks like everyone I didn't want to see is here to get their clocks punched.

Spoiler: She won. >:)

It also gives her a great funny story to tell to Fran the next day, which probably isn't that funny and is filled with groanworthy fish puns.

Fran: omg omg that is SO FUNNY they got SERVED

Laughs at Mina's bad jokes? Must be love.

Logan: Well hello nurse

Mina: oh shell

Fran: Huh. Did you hear something, Mina?

Mina: (god I love this girl) ... I think it was just someone farting.

Logan: >:/

Heh heh heh.

A little extra getting to know you later removes all doubt from Mina's mind: Francesca is THE ONE. >_>

Mina is so pumped at the prospects that during their next date, she jumps the gun (and I forget to turn off cinematics).

By a lot.

Fran: Oh um oh um I uh

Fran: NOPE.

Mina: omg omg omg my life is over she hates me oh my god I ruined my one chance my life is over--

Mina: Mhrrff?!

Whatever fickle whims govern Francesca's little sim heart, they aren't ones of hate. >_> Mina hits love status again about ten sim minutes later.

Mina's emotions are, understandably, running higher than usual after that. When she's due to meet Fran the next day and Logan crosses her path, well...

Mina: WHAT did you say?

Logan: I said she oughtta drop you like the day-old fish you--

... the results are inevitable.

Fran: omg Mina no what are you doing


Mina: AUGH

Logan: I could kick your ass all day >8)

Francesca: oh man oh god oh man Mina you obviously have all the sense of a kitten and need someone to take care of you

Fran: and that someone had better be me!

Mina: WOO

Fran: We can start by repainting, god this place is hideous

Mina: You're perfect, can I keep you?

Francesca: Forever.

Fran: So, could you maybe keep out of fights until after the wedding?

Mina: No promises!


Next time: Mawwaige and way too many kids.

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From: [personal profile] halooxygen
looks pretty interesting! I'll definitely be keeping an eye on this legacy.

(ngl, I cheered on the inside when they finally managed to get together. and mina is srsly one of the cutest sims ever, like wow.)


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