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So hey, long time no see. I've been pretty busy with a new job, but there's also the sad fact that now that I have to use a crappy kitchen chair, my gaming computer setup is just too painful to sit at for more than an hour or so a time. Obviously this puts huge dent in my playing and creating.

Still, I've been puttering around making this and that on occasion. Like these; none of the hundreds of plainish recolors for Jonesi's bed blanket out there suited me, or there were just too damned many per set for me to be able to sort through without being paralyzed by indecision.

These are pretty simple: a generic 'cloth' texture that suits all sorts of objects so it'll look decent with the many things slaved to the bed blanket, and in plain and striped for each color. All of the colors are Pooklet's (except for Topaz, that's Aelia's Saffron), renamed for a little more ease of telling what's what. The lighter color in the stripes mostly matches the same color plain version, but there's some disparity in the dark versions.

Striped Swatch.

Colors are, from right to left:
White, Candy Pink, Candy Orange, Candy Yellow
Candy Green, Candy Teal, Candy Blue, Candy Purple
Ruby, Garnet, Amethyst, Sapphire
Emerald, Topaz, Brown, Black

Everything is labeled clearly so you can easily delete what you don't want.

Download Jonesi's Bed Blanket recolors.

If you're looking for the bed blanket and the addons, here is a placeable anywhere, fixed version and a single bed version by Huge Lunatic (look through the rest of HL's forums to find a few more items), here are a bunch of Moune's pillows made slaved by amethystfenix, and here are a whole BUNCH of items of slaved items, like tablecloths and rugs, by Helle.

Date: 2011-11-20 10:33 pm (UTC)
peach_t: (Maynard_rock)
From: [personal profile] peach_t
I resisted the urge to clutter my downloads folder with this blanket. But the moment I saw your recolors I thought "These are just too pretty!"
And thank you for the links!


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