Jan. 2nd, 2012

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I didn't get much of a response from my santee about the gift, but I worked really hard on it and I'm proud of what I made.

- All of the counters and countertops have working dirty states
- As do the stoves
- I was careful to keep handles, knobs, dials, etc colors they should be -- no running the whole texture through a color action and calling it done here!
- All of the colors MATCH as closely as I was able -- which was dead on for the appliances. All of the appliances also have the same sheen, so when you switch out, say, a cheap dishwasher for an expensive one, you'll still have the same look and feel.

Swatches here... )

Aelia, Curious B, and Pooklet for color actions
Maxis for most of the textures
Swirl and regular woods grabbed from an image search

Download here. Please let me know if my bandwith runs out so I can re-host elsewhere. You'll probably need to use this mediafire link instead since Box has turned into a bag of dicks.

Do let me know if you're interested in matching recolors for the small basegame appliances and trash bins! I've got some templates put together.

As for what I got, check out my post here on GoS. Cynthia did an awesome job and I'm really, really happy with my gift, enough so that I'm actually sad I don't have a real life sofa in one of those Amelia recolors. XD


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