Sep. 24th, 2010

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I can't remember if it was originally just my idea or if I was first encouraged along by AlfredAskew, but I do know her textures are what got me wanting make a gender conversion at all. Then people on GoS made pleading noises and [personal profile] hat_plays_sims waved an appropriate bribe, so I heaved a great sigh and converted the mesh for kids and teens as well.

Original AM mesh is by HystericalParoxysm, textures are Alfred's, colours are Pooklet's naturals binned a la Hat, Time Bomb as elder only for family 4, includes my sandy red colour as either binned in place of Molotov or in its own family.

Caveat Emptor: These files are fucking huge at 3-4mb each, even compressed. This is because the textures are high-res and there's 12 of them per file (six for the colour, six for the gray). I wasn't about to resize them and make Alfred's textures go crunchy. You'll have to decide for yourself if they're worth your while.

To make downloading easier, I split the files into groups by gender and family. Each rar contains the necessary mesh.

Download Children of the Earth F (Families 1&2)
Download Children of the Earth F (Families 3&4)
Download Children of the Earth M (Families 1&2)
Download Children of the Earth M (Families 3&4)

P.S. If you notice any of the pictures on my earlier entries/GoS posts going poof, that is because Tinypic decided to be a bunch of dicks. I'm currently testing new hosting accounts to prepare for the day Tinypic pulls the plug for good.


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