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Long time no see. I remembered I had these defaults that I had taken screencaps of but never uploaded, and when I went to look at them in-game (after getting the damn thing to start) I thought they were nice enough to be worth sharing. I also discovered some outfits I'd totally forgotten I'd made because I hadn't taken screencaps of them.

Unlike the previous however many times, I'm not going to make any promises one way or another of if I'll make more stuff, because my gaming whims are capricious and my creating whims even moreso. Also, I hate taking screenshots more than anything.

Sorry, no swatches this time, just preview pics.

Maxis texture, redrawn seams, button from photo.

Maxis textures, redrawn seams.

Maxis textures, shoes on tshirthang from Xander. WARNING: some of the colors on tshirthang are eyesearingly bright.

Textures from Trapping, Skell, and Stajl, heavily manipulated. CatofEvilGenius mesh fix for AF and EF.

Trapping dress texture, re-painted and textured boots, zipper on boots from Xander. Also replaces the leopard-print ef dress.
Shortdressshoes (Dina's dress) also replaced, with a solid bustier texture for under the dress.

Same as above but with re-drawn seams on jacket.

Trapping dress texture, my alpha, CatofEvilGenius mesh fix.

Trapping dress texture, Amaryll stockings, same boots as above.

Heavily manipulated Maxis textures.

Mesh replacement. Draws textures from the afshortskirtshoes (grab my defaults in a previous entry), except for the navy skirt, which is shown. Not pictured is afshortskirtboots, which has this navy skirt texture.

Download the archive of them all here.

Thank you

Date: 2014-03-02 05:17 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
I just recently got into playing TS2 (no idea what took me so long :)) and I don't quite know how or if it's appropriate to comment on peoples' works, but I just wanted to express my appreciation for all your efforts! Thank you so much for making my game a prettier place!


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