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DW says your inbox is closed so I'm posting my reply here:

Thank you for letting me know the elder underwear file links are broken! That's so weird -- I must have made a copy/paste error on my post because the files are still in my Mediafire folder. Anyhow, try these links:

Let me know if they don't work and I'll upload them to Box instead.

And I'm glad you found the HP top fix. :D

Date: 2013-02-11 12:03 am (UTC)
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I am so terribly sorry about that! *palmface* I don't use my dreamwidth very often, usually it's just to comment and thank creators for their shared creations. So I'm not terribly familiar with all the settings at dreamwidth, and I somehow had my PM's set to 'access list'. That's fixed now, I should be able to get PM's from any registered account. So sorry about that!

Thank you for the new link for the EM Morning Song Boxer-Briefs. The files downloaded fine, I have them in my game now and they look great. It's so hard to find good elder clothing so I'm very happy to have found your beautiful Morning Song set, and even better the men can match their wives cami sets too! :)

I don't have a pregnant sim at the moment (I'm playing an elder house in my rotation right now), but I'm sure I'm going to be very grateful for the preg-fix on the untucked tops. I kept seeing the 'shelf belly' on the sims when they were pregnant, and I was thinking it was a problem with the pants they were paired with, yet no matter how many times I changed the pants I never could pinpoint it. I'm so glad you did though! I have so many untucked tops in my game, and it'll be nice to finally use them with my pregnant sims.

Thanks again for everything. :D


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