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I retextured and colored all of the basegame small appliances -- coffeemaker, toaster oven, food processor, microwave oven, and espresso machine -- as well as the two indoor trash bins. The colors match those in the large appliance recolor set I gave as an SS gift to AdmiralAeris, so you can be as painfully matchy-matchy with your kitchen decor as your heart desires.

For the coffeemaker and espresso machine, I didn't have to do much redrawing -- I mostly tidied up the existing textures and edited them so they'd overlay my base color textures properly. I also improved the espresso machine metal textures so they look a little more like metal and less like cheap plastic.

The textures for the ovens were tiny and crappy, so I doubled the texture size and redrew the details from scratch -- even down to the vents on the back. I would have liked to have made the toaster oven a little more detailed, but... mapping. >:( They also have one recolor each for the glass only(shown here) to make it a nicer smoked color rather than that weird green.

The ugly old food processor, somewhat improved. I doubled the texture size and redrew the buttons from scratch. Again, I would have liked to have given it more details, but the mapping on the food processor is terrible and prohibited it. There's also a separate recolor for the glass (also shown here) to make it a little more... glasslike.

And finally, the basegame indoor trashbins, which inexplicably only came in one color each originally, making them awkward and ugly in very nearly any kitchen. On these I tidied up the original textures and once again edited them to overlay my color textures to give the details properly. The round trashbin is still rather shiny, but not the glaring metallic shine of the original.

These are the colors you'll be getting. I did all of them for each appliance, even though some already came in black, just because I think my textures are so much better. :P All files are named according to their type and color for easy sorting.


Date: 2012-03-03 07:58 am (UTC)
sixtylilies: azayasim peering over the top of a newspaper. (creeper azayasim)
From: [personal profile] sixtylilies
Oh, wow! I never used a lot of these things because the textures were just so unreservedly awful, but yours are absolutely lovely! Thank you so much, I hope it's okay to tell you that they'll probably end up as defaults in my game. XD

Date: 2012-09-09 02:01 pm (UTC)
ext_945697: (Default)
From: [identity profile]
Why haven't I thanked you for these yet? I come here to stare at them while I'm building and plan what colors I'll use. I recognize quality and hard work and attention to detail when I see it! Thank you for creating and sharing these, they're perfect :)


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