Apr. 5th, 2011

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This is an ENORMOUS project that started as noodling around to see if I could salvage a few Maxis meshes and grew into an absolute monster. These replacements cover 56 non-hat Basegame hairstyles; the additional 6 hiders hide the styles I loathe too much to touch. Some styles are completely retextured, others only softened a bit and recolored.

Allow me to crow: some of these styles were absolute bitches. Maxis failmapping was in full force in the basegame, with continuous parts of meshes often mapped in completely different places, making it difficult to avoid big, ugly seams with retextures (and in the case of the Short style, even Maxis couldn't avoid such).

Through careful blending, lots of cursing, and the blessing that is previewing via Milkshape, I managed to retexture these styles in a way that minimizes the weird mapping. They aren't perfect; I had to do some blending magic with the Maxis textures to get this to work, and as a result the textures a little funky along those seams. They're good enough for my game; you'll have to choose whether or not they're good enough for yours.

I also made the mullet style workable through a mesh edit as well as a retexture. The mesh is a part of the package, as the texture really doesn't work with the original mesh.

All files have been compressorized.

Preview 1 | Preview 2 | Preview 3 | Preview 4 | Preview 5 | Preview 6 | Preview 7


All custom 'mirror' colors have been replaced as well as the binned styles.

I've edited some styles to texture reference the opposite gender's textures, where the styles used the same mapping. This saves considerably on file size, but PLEASE BE AWARE: this means certain age conversions (AM mohawk and AM Longdreads) will end up using Maxis textures unless you fix them.

Some files may look particularly large; this is because they had many custom colors, required large texture sizes for quality, or both.

Remember, these are DEFAULT REPLACEMENTS: You can have only one of any given replacement.

DOWNLOAD Default Texture Replacements (Acorntuck through Meg)
DOWNLOAD Default Texture Replacements (Messy through Will)

BONUS! Conversions, mesh edits, addons, and texture resources





Pooklet's colors (Dynamite, Depth Charge, Volatile, Pyrotechnic, and TimeBomb)
Pooklet's v.2 and v.3 textures
Nouk's Waves, Afro, and Dreads textures
Nymphy's curls edit of Nouk's Waves
AlfredAskew for the Shortsimple retexture I tweaked, softened, and blended with the Maxis texture
Almighty Hat for the braidsup, halo, lowbun, meg, poofs, rocker, and sixty textures
Alkaloid via Almight Hat for the shortmop textures
Monoblue for the PG Skater alpha
Ja, Almighty Hat, Nymphy, and Lunar Eclipse for pilfered alphas
Biobong on MTS for the Punkflip edit idea
Melodie9's many, many age conversions
Layana's texture referencing, Maxis-blending files for the conversions

I apologize for any missing credits in the text files included with the archive.

Please feel free to use my packages to build your own replacements.

*falls over*


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