Aug. 31st, 2010

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This is an addon set to the original All Askew hair set for women and men, and includes all of Pooklet's new naturals, including grays. It's binned the same way as the original set -- Corumbent and Landmine are familied with Grenade and Fission, elders keep their colour, the new grays are in the custom bin. Also included is [personal profile] hat_plays_sims's Smoke Bomb gray.

On that note, in the future I'll be using Hat's binning system, with elders turning gray, one gray per family.

Alllso included is my own homebrew colour, Fire Bottle. Molotov is too 'holy shit, RED' for my taste in naturals, and after seeing a boy with a light-but-not-pale sandy red haircolour, I realized that was what was missing for me.


You'll notice two folders in with the extended colours: 'Molotov Custom' and 'Molotov Binned'. In the 'custom' folder, Fire Bottle is binned in Molotov's place, and Molotov is in the custom bin. In the 'binned' folder, both Nolotov and Fire Bottle are binned, but Fire Bottle has its own, lonely family of one. You can only have one, so chuck the folder you don't want.

[For the curious, under the hood Fire Bottle is composed of a bg layer of Molotov, a layer of Molotov set to Screen at 50%, and a layer of Grenade set to Saturation at 50%.]



In other news, I'm considering another homebrew colour, a rather bluish gray, specifically for use with short fluffy styles and updos, for those little old ladies who like to overdo the blue rinse. XD

I also need to do the last tweaks on the Gaius conversion and spend a few eternities making all of the colours for it. If I figure out just how to remove ages from a package so that Bodyshop doesn't grab defaults for the non-used ages, it'll make my life tons easier, as the mesh will only be for YAF-EF (I'm not size converting that little bastard).


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